Woohoo! That was what HS Symphonic Band got! Congratulations people! You guys did your best! 😀

So as promised, pictures! haha.

Henry and I. Lol.

11 April flying off… The 6 of us.

Jia Hui, Mike and me. I wasn’t supposed to be in this picture. Oops.=X lol

Lei and I

OPP 2007! 😀

Us… and Graham 🙂

Recently quite into this song 你听得到 (You Can Hear) by Jay Chou. However, I think I prefer the “live” version that
Swee has, coz there’s this part in the song that he starts mumbling in the CD version yet
hums nicely in the ‘live’ version.

Should I bring my drumpad n sticks to Chengdu? should I??

When I came online, immediately I felt like going off. Until someone came and tried to convince me to bring the drumsticks there.

I’m getting out of here. Sian.

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