The saturday before I leave.

Woke up early to go to CJS building (again) to send my Samsung player for repairs. When I took my mp3 player out, it looked like it had returned back
to normal size but I looked carefully and saw oil all over the ziplock that I’d placed it in. Urgh! I think the battery expanded till it burst or something. Went alone this time. Read HTR13 on the train. As usual, there were many people there. I waited for about 20 minutes this time. This Filippino girl (i think, from her accent) served me. She said that the price of changing the battery would be around $50 but she can’t confirm for now. I guess I’ll have to bring my old mp3 player to China. :-/

Wandered around IMM. Got lost for a bit but found the Sony store and checked out this camera. $299, 7.2mp. Not bad.

Found my way back to take the free shuttle bus, got “My Paper” (我报) and read the horoscope. Just like what we do in school. 😀 I’ll certainly miss this “habit” in China. :-/ But the group of us read it just for fun and don’t follow it lah.

Evan Yo on today’s news. 🙂

Met Eng Eng and Lay Hoon at Jurong East. Lol. Same school but hardly meet and can actually meet them in Jurong.

About 5 mins after I reached home, my aunt came. So settled the insurance stuff and she gave me a few more things to bring for the trip. Have been slacking, watching YouTube, reading up on the music theory test tomorrow; basically everything except doing the ppt. Must work on it after dinner.

Oh yeah. Yesterday’s locked entry is nothing much. Just an msn conversation I had with someone. 🙂

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