7 days left.

7 days left to flying off to Chengdu! And I have lots of things I haven’t done before the trip!

Things left to do:
-get a digital cam
upgrade laptop RAM decided not to

Upcoming stuff before trip:
-Dinner with classmates (tomorrow)
-Dinner with OPP people (Friday)
-Watch Evan Yo live (Friday)
-Meet Sulin I/C (Friday)
-Music Theory Grade 4 test (Sunday)
-Meet-the-parents (Monday)
-Presentation (Monday)
-SYF Bands results (Monday)


Anyway, for 2 days there weren’t much crapping (crapping=talk nonsense which will end up saying something about me being married) as we were busy coding. But after work was completed today, funny things began to happen. I wanted to type out what actually happened today, but I felt it was too lame to be understood by others so better not. Else the place will be freezing.

Oh well. Entertainment. Lol

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