Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

The days leading to the trip are lesser.

Well, on Sunday, my aunt came over and passed me some stuff like travel torch, nailclipper set, etc for the trip. Quite cool stuff. Plus the money she’d changed for the trip. When she’d knocked on the door, I was still wearing my pyjamas (I didn’t change) and it was like 4pm already. So embarrassing. But she’s relative so I don’t really care. lol.

So SIT orientation started on monday, saw Perseus, Shamin, Jia Hong and a few HS people here and there. SIDN’s orientation started today and saw Hafiza. 🙂 Still haven’t seen Hasz around yet though. A lot of us seniors felt that the OGLs standard have dropped. Being an OGL is more of a full-time job than a part-time one. Up till now, I’m still doing my job as an OGL. But to this batch of OGLs (most of them; from what we’d observed), they only do their job when the orientation starts for the day. Not before, and not after that. Quite disappointed.

Henry had his driving test today and he failed. Quite sad for him lah. Can see that he’d did his best but I guess he was nervous and failed to remember the proper procedures. When he said that the driving tester pulled on the handbrake, it was quite like shocking and scary… Hope that in the future I can pass at my first attempt.

Did lots of coding today. Almost solved one problem. Will probably solve it tomorrow. And felt like a fish in a tank today because of all the orientation school tours. =X

Evan Yo is now in Singapore!! Listened to him on Yes 933 today. Quite a funny and down-to-earth person. Can’t wait for the pictures on Joel‘s blog. 😀 Friday! Shall see him in person! 😀

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