31st March band exchange & hanging out with friends. :)

So after I’d posted the last entry, I saw Yiang Shan online. She’s someone I met online who also happens to be XMS DM and Percussionist. I chatted with her for a while and got the list of schools who will be going for the band exchange. Got me quite excited. 🙂

Woke up early to do prayers, then got ready and went down to XMS. My sis spotted the HS band members walking to the school.

Met up with Hasniza and Yi Qian. Walked in, stopped by the security guard but let us in after we declared that we are HS Alumni members. Lol. Saw lots of bands. St Pat’s was there quite early and were sitting under the hot sun warming up. Yi Qian commented that their band t-shirt looked like a TKD gear. Saw their conductor Mr David Glosz.
Went up to the hall. It was quite messy and we had no idea where we should stand. So we ended up walking around. Then saw BNSS and Regent alumni + Mr Lee so we gathered around them. Then this guy came and in a really rude manner asked if we were alumni. I was quite shocked, coz Mr Lee is a teacher and he spoke to him in such a manner. Luckily Mr Lee didn’t mind.

We ended up sitting behind the percussion at the hall due to space constraints I guess (Haha. They probably didn’t expect BNSS, RSS and HS alumni to be so supportive). To be honest, I really dislike being where we are. You can’t hear the balance of the sounds properly and all. Playing as a percussionist for almost 5 years have trained me to listen to the front, but sitting there behind the whole band (including the percussion) just really isn’t what I prefer.

Hansel also came. 🙂 That lucky guy got to sit at the back of the hall. Sorry for not going to get a drink with you. I didn’t feel like walking around and wanted to listen to all the pieces.
I thoughtHS did well. And I’m really impressed that they actually
memorized their scores and all. Especially my section. A few weeks ago, they
had trouble even playing with the scores and they could actually play without it now. Wow. Room for
improvement though.

You know sometimes when you listen to a band play a piece and it really gets to you, you get a shiver down your whole body? I actually felt that when they were playing Feast Day. Especially during the crescendo part near the beginning (I don’t have the scores so I don’t know the exact bar and all).

The other schools were Fuhua Sec (Ms Samantha Chong), Ngee Ann Sec (Mrs Chua! Mr Chua was wearing SWE shirt lol), CHIJ Toa Payoh (Mr Leonard Tan), FTPSS (Mr Lim), Commonwealth Sec (Mr Brando Tan), St. Andrew’s (Mr Glosz), Regent (mr Lim), St Marg’s (Mr Leonard Tan), BNSS (Mr Lim), Dunman Sec (Ms Chong), Temasek Sec, Xinmin Sec (Mr Brando Tan) and St. Patrick’s (Mr Glosz). All the bands present were good… I think all present were able to get a gold or silver this SYF. I also noticed a few bands whose percussionists were what made their band sound good (because of them playing Safari).

The choice pieces were interesting, Jericho for 2 bands, Furniculi Furnicula (same as what SWE played before), Merry Widow…

So after that, went to CP with Hasniza, Shamin, Mr Lee. Met up with JoelRinto and Wee Peng. Ate at Sakura restaurant. Then we went to Rinto’s house and he showed us pictures of him when he was young. We watched a bit of Cartoon Network while Rinto was keeping the laundry and all. Flipped through his sketch book and wondered why he didn’t choose a design course in poly. I must remember to look for scorpions in China if they do sell. Dead ones of course. Haha. Shopping list people!

Went to Vivo and basically slacked the hours away. The company is really good. There was a fashion show going on and we stood there to watch.
Then noticed this cute toddler about 3 years old on her father’s shoulder.
She was holding a digital camera and taking the pictures of the models. Joel and I plus some people around took pictures of her. So cute okay? I’ll put the picture up when I use my lappy.

Browsed the boutiques there. Stuff are super expensive. Nothing I can afford I guess. Some stuff looked really good, like this Nike jacket. But well, I’m not a materialistic person, I liked it coz the material is good and I think it would keep me warm. Nevertheless, I still have this Nike Jacket which cousin Jason didn’t want anymore. That would suffice.

Woke up this morning with a huge leg cramp. Shouted, “Oh my god” and “what the hell” and woke my sis up who helped rub my leg so that it wouldn’t hurt so much. Then just as I thought it was okay, I poked my leg and the pain came back. Darn. I hate cramps in general.

When I was in primary school, I thought being 12 would be special. Coz you’ll be in Primary 6, you’ll be taller, you’ll be smarter, you’ll be like an adult. You’ll probably have a boyfriend. You’ll be come prettier.

But when I turned 12, it wasn’t anything special. I was still short, I didn’t become prettier, I didn’t have a bf and my thinking didn’t change much. I was still myself.

I thought that being 16 would be much better. I would be wiser, I would be able to watch NC-16 movies, I would be in Secondary 4. Maybe I would grow taller. (I gave up hope about the bf thing lol)

But again, being 16 was still the same. I was still myself.

I looked forward to turning 18. I could get a driving license, maybe more freedom.

Again I was wrong.

Now I’m turning 19, going to live in China for 4 months and I feel that I’m still the same me back in primary school. Of course, i’m wiser now, and some of my thinking have changed but I realised that I’m still me. I realised that being older does not make you smarter or prettier or a different person you are as compared to the you before. You are still yourself. Nothing can change that. The process that you take, the road
you travel  however, is important.

Be true to yourself. Be yourself.

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  1. hello! an interesting long entry! maybe we are going through the same journey.. hmm..I hope HS band will get silver for syf since I heard they r better than our batch.. Fy, have a great time in China, yeah? Dun forget me! Haha.. =)

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