What a hectic week! Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be “Thank God It’s Friday”. But well, I like to be different. 😛

I really worked this week. Quite interesting. It’s like doing project all over again, except that we didn’t have to generate all those UML documentation. 🙂 Communication problems again, plus the temper and
mood of the group rising up and down,
it can be very tiring. 🙁

The teasing has died down a bit. In fact, there’s like none today! Hahaha! 😀 There were still a few references here and there yesterday. Long story to tell! But today, there’s none. So quite good lah. I pity the guy a lot, coz he got most of the teasing.

Took the cough syrup on time today. So it means no coughing in school. But it has also made me super drowsy. I became almost like a zombie staring straight at the computer screen typing the comments away.

The students going to Beijing will be leaving this Sunday. I find that as compared to them, us OPP students get the tougher deal. They have Ms Huang to accompany them for 1 month
(out of 2 months) whereas we will be there
without any adults supervision for 4 months. Plus, they’re going to live in a school and we’re going to live
in an apartment.
I guess this will make us more independent?

I’ll be missing SYF this time:( But will be going for the announcement of results. So I guess it’s not that bad eh? 🙂

Band exchange at Xinmin Sec tomorrow!

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