That previous entry was posted because I can’t believe how “lame” some people can be. Lol. but it’s just a joke I guess, and I find it really amusing. I feel, for some weird reason, like a movie star that’s reading newspaper reports about something that is totally untrue. You wonder what it’ll turn out to, and hope that it won’t be something bad, and that your friendship won’t be ruined.

So I fell sick yesterday, slept the whole day at home. Got a very interesting phone call from Mike and a missed call from my “husband”.  Shall cancel that off, in case people think that its true (the husband part). =X

Visited the doctor yesterday night. I can’t really remember him but apparently he remembers me. haha. I haven’t visited the clinic in years as I take TCM nowadays. I went there coz I had to get an MC for school. But quite cool lah. He asked me about school and all.

Anyway, got back my Samsung MP3 player. They’d upgraded the new driver for me. 😀 I LOVE THE NEW THEME! It’s really really pretty!! And the new Bluetooth functions that I’d read online before, like file transfer using Bluetooth and connecting your player to your phone so that you can use your mp3 to call. So cool right?! HAHA! 😀 But the only sad thing is that my player’s battery is bulging due to overcharging. So ugly 🙁 Must wait for it to cool down or something.

Got our air tickets today and my third aunt brought the large luggage over. The reality of the trip is setting in, and more work is to be done in school. I hope that I’ll be able to learn more about the working life this
semester. 🙂

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