Pasta, wardrobe malfunction, Deputy Directors and principals

Went to J8’s Pastamania with 13 other classmates yesterday. The main reason for this dinner is because Graham‘s leaving the school and that 4 of us are going to China.

It wasn’t too bad except for the fact that we were all separated into 3 groups. I hate it when a whole group of people go out and yet have to be separated. It kind of sucks at times when the main characters are joking at one table and you have no idea what they were talking about. So for a few moments yesterday, I spaced out and stared into space, not really listening to the conversation at my table.

Then for some weird reason yesterday, I seem to balloon up or something, making my blouse buttons popping out at random times. So I have to keep checking and buttoning over and over again that I didn’t get embarrassed at all. There’s nothing to see anyway. Haha. 🙁 Must exercise more I guess.

Met the school’s Deputy Director, Mr Lai and NYP’s Deputy Principal for Registrar Mr Chan today with the rest of the OPP students. Quite an interesting meeting. And we were each given a book called Blue Ocean Strategy. Interesting book!!! It’s like a story book even though it’s those kind of motivational/self-help books. I heard that it’s quite ex if you get it outside.

That’s all for today. Seriously tired. Goodbye.

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