Luggage, village and cockroach.

Went to third aunt’s house yesterday after theory lesson to take a look at the luggage that she’s going to lend me for the attachment. 🙂 The medium sized one looks okay, but if it’s a little bigger, it would be better. The big one is way too huge.

Then went to Changi village with mum and dad. It’s quite a nice place to be honest. Why haven’t I been there before? It’s has lots of Malay food stalls; great place for trying new food. Unfortunately, my parents ended up eating the usual stuff you get outside like fried carrot cake and noodles with fish slices. *sigh*

Walked along the pathway by the beach. Beautiful place I must say. Lots of eagles around. I didn’t know they were eagles (coz they looked small in the sky) until my dad pointed them out and compared the size of the eagles with the usual crows and mynahs. lol. I love the sound of eagle calls.

Today, was rushing up to my table as I was about 10 minutes late when I decided to keep the farecard I was holding in my bag. Was quite distracted when I heard this sound, like the sound of a badge dropping or a small bag of air bursting. I thought I’d dropped something from my bag so I stopped and turned to look, and guess what?

I’d stepped on a cockroach.

Omg. I’d never thought I’d ever step on a cockroach. But the sight of it is quite disgusting 😡

Work haven’t really started today. Was spent reading C# and coding guidelines. Tomorrow, we’ll get the project schedule and start coding! 😀

Date of flight would probably be confirmed hopefully by tomorrow.

Wow, I’d never thought I’d actually be excited to start work. But that’s just me. 🙂

Edited: Read the comment for this post. Happy! 😀

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