-_-” Keyboard “problem” solved

Okay, I can’t believe I didn’t see the numlock light on. And hence the “keyboard problem”. *Sigh*

Went to a dentist today. First time in 3 years? Wow. Enjoyed myself. Haha. Now my teeth stains are gone! The dentist is kind of interesting. Interesting as in, he expects me to answer him when he’d stuck
this tube thing into my mouth. Lol. He asked if I wanted to put braces
and my mum said that I’m going overseas to China (mum wanted to go in with me for a while).
And he said that he’d been to Beijing for a course once. So after a while, he stuck this vacuum thing that sucks out your saliva into my mouth,
and asked, “So your Mandarin must be good huh?” And he said “huh?” a few times like he’s
expecting me to answer. So i went, “Average” but it sounded like “Ah-be-lage” and he went,
“Huh?” again so I took out the vacuum and said, “Average” before putting it back. LOL 😛

Then he asked me, “So you’ll be staying there for 3 months?” when my mouth is wide open and
he’s like cleaning my teeth. This was easier, I raised up my hand and showed him 4 fingers so he
knew that it’s for 4 months. Haha. How interesting. The dentists in school don’t usually even talk to you.

I’m quite worried that my English will “deprove” after August. You know what I mean… I hope that by blogging in here, my english standard will maintain.
Else, I’m really going to plan for that trip to UK.

Well, actual work starts on Monday. From what I’d read, the whole thing is kind of like ITIPJ,
but we don’t do the SENGP part and all. Haha. 🙂

23 more days to China (tentative), 4 more days to the release of results. I pray that my
results don’t drop drastically. 🙁

今天去看牙医。 这是三年来的第一次。 哈哈。蛮轻松的。我牙齿的污点都不见了! 好高兴哦。:)

牙医真有趣。他在帮我洗牙时跟我讲话还要我回答。哈哈。我懒得用华文把故事写出来。 所以请您读上面英文版吧。哈哈。:P



去中国:多二十三天。 拿成绩:多四天。


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  1. 吾は信じて、キミの英語きいと問題ないだよ。



  2. ああ...忘れた...This template doesn’t work well in FF also ^_^

    Happy deciphering my mediocre japanese.

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