OPP sort of gathering

Had a gathering/meeting sort of thing in school after lunch today with the other OPP students; both Oracle and SCS groups. Had super lots of fun I tell you. The whole day was excellent with jokes and all that.

We also got a briefing by Ms Huang about China. Learnt quite a lot. Sounds quite exciting because of their culture and all. I won’t type what I feel I’ve learnt coz I may sound racist and all. =X
Zhong was his usual today. Humourous is the word.

今天在学校和其他 OPP 学生有个聚会。 玩得很开心。 发生了蛮多很无聊的事情, 但都很有趣。交了多一组朋友。


跟他讲话我很高兴. 虽然只是短短的几天,但多了一个朋友的感觉真好.
我可以,陪你去看星星. 不用再多说明;我就要和你在一起.

For the benefit of non-Chinese readers, what I’d written in Chinese is actually a translation of the first paragraph above. I’m trying to improve my Chinese by doing this for the sake of going to China.

The words in italics are actually my thoughts about talking to someone I got to know this week, and a sentence of a song by Evan Yo. 🙂

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