Attachment update.

Recently, my life has become a routine.

6.40am – wake up, brush teeth, comb hair change
6.45am – do morning gongyo and daimoku
7.15am – prepare to go to school
7.55am – take bus to school
8.25am – reach school
12 noon- lunch
6.00pm – go home
7.00pm – watch Hana Kimi
before 12 – Do more daimoku, eat dinner, play on the clavinova
12 midnight – sleep

Basically that’s what I do every day. About 6 hours of sleep only. But for the sake of my eyesight and the trip, I wake up early to do daimoku. Good eh? 😀 Haha.

Minesweeping a lot in school. My best times in school com: Beginner, 5 secs, Intermediate, 63 secs, Expert, 298 secs. Not bad eh?
For only 3 days can achieve such good results.

Quite into Evan Yo recently (蔡旻佑). He’s coming to Singapore end of this month! Cool eh? Hope to see him or something.

Graham’s leaving the school (did I write about it? Not sure). Quite sad yeah… But at least we have a dinner with him next week.

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