More about 1st March.

After the last paper yesterday, went to VivoCity with abao, Nicholas, twin, Scott, Henry and Edison. We went to Banquet at first, then ended up going to Carl’s Jr. It was the first time I visited Carl’s Jr so I had no idea what to order. My impression of Carl’s Jr is that the serving size is super huge. In the end, I ordered this burger called Famous Star with Cheese.

In fact, the amount of tar tar sauce and this other sauce which I don’t
know the name of dripped out of my burger. -_-”
The onion rings Nicholas ordered were super huge. I have never seen such big onion rings.

Went back to school for IPP then OPP briefing. The OPP briefing was quite fun. Like I’d mentioned in the previous post, I met the other people from DIT who were going to Cheng Du as well. Nice people. 🙂 Mike is also going. There were 2 other girls and the 3 of us automatically asked for each other’s hand phone number. Haha.

Henry kept bringing up the Stefanie Sun matter. -_-” He and Mike kept cracking jokes so the group of us at the back kept laughing like mad.Must report to SCS on Monday morning then work starts! Still must do lots of research and preparation for the trip. Just one month away!

Had a really long chat with my cousin Cynthia yesterday. She’s still working for her Phd. She was quite encouraging but worried that I might have a boyfriend or something after I told her that I don’t feel like studying. -_-” I don’t feel like studying coz studying always makes me fall ill and have insomnia. I will have insomnia every exam period. It’s scary and painful not being able to sleep. Counting sheeps doesn’t help. I have to really apply Occlumency. But then after using Occlumency, I’ll have to still wait a while before I’m able to sleep. 🙁

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