Just some updates.

Got my exam timetable today. 3 papers this sem, a huge difference as compared to the 5 papers I had to take for the past 3 semesters. I would say, this semester is probably the toughest, and I won’t lie by saying that it will be a huge relief when it’s over.

Spoke to CC (Course Coordinator) Mr Lim today. Asked him when we’ll know whether we will be doing our industrial attachment or FYPJ first. He said that it won’t be out so soon. And he also didn’t know when.

Oh, and I’d decided not to go for the Cambodia trip. It really pains me to make this decision, but I had to consider the responsibilities I’ll throw when I go there. Stuff like, WSS training and music theory lessons. So… oh well. Hope i’ll have the chance in future.

Went for a haircut today. More of a trim I guess. First time I had a guy cut my hair!! 😀 I always go to this unisex salon which is owned by 2 sisters for a haircut. This guy is a new hairdresser I guess. He’s quite young. He looks a bit “beng” (especially with all his fingernails so long =X), but when he speaks, he speaks in this really soft tone. Haha. He said he’ll cut 1.5 inch of my hair, but it still looks quite long. He did cut a lot of my hair though. It feels much lighter, though it looks long. But nevertheless, I’m glad I got a haircut before the CNY season. 🙂

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