What crap is this?

Freaking pissed off. What did I do to deserve this?

People shouting/scolding me everywhere. At home, in school, outside.

And when I retort back, I get the silent treatment.

I don’t deserve this ok?

You said, “A have the good fortune to have nice kids.”

But you forgot that A complains to you almost every week about her children.

Why is it always like this? Am I supposed to be PERFECT?

I save money by not buying anything but just want food that is a little bit more than what we usually buy ($5). And I get scolded, for being “difficult”. And I get shouted at and disrespected.

During the interview, I was asked if I wanted to further my education. I automatically answered “No.”

At first, I thought it was because my subconscious mind wants so badly to get the “job”.

But now, I realised that it was because I wanted to earn money to help out financially.

And I get this.

(Pardon me for the rant.)

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