And the continuation of that.

Did anyone else notice that North and South Korea may be starting a war? And some people are being rubbish on Facebook by trying to make their friends angry with regards to changing cartoons as their display.

I know, by writing this I am also staying at the topic. But I’m sorry, I really needed to talk about this before I really get violent.

Remember this entry I wrote? The Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic debate.

Anyway, today there was this article that there were rumours that this was started by a group of Pedophiles who wanted to target young people. Apparently, looking at the cartoons you post will determine your age. ROFL.

Okay, the thing was, those are rumours. RUMOURS. I know that no one knows who started this awareness campaign, but did anyone notice that “the NSPCC have said that they welcome any increase in awareness of child abuse”?

And the thing was, that acquaintance (he is no longer considered to be my friend. My friends are all way better than him), started writing on his wall about how people are being stupid by changing their display pictures and that we might be baking paedophiles. The thing is, those are rumours! Which part did he not understand? And the NPSCC has actually said that they welcome any increase in awareness: source.

I am really very appalled by his behaviour and another former classmate have stepped up against him.

So far I have concluded these few things about this acquaintance:

1. He doesn’t understand what an awareness campaign is.
2. He only reads the top part of an article and not the whole article.
3. He doesn’t even help any anti-child abuse campaign because he is stirring up anger and making others angry, hence causing violence, which is against what this whole thing is about.

I really had to post the above article on his status, but I shall not comment any further. I don’t feel like wasting my time, breath and health on people who don’t deserve it and have closed minds.

He’d actually concluded that “if you wanna change your pic, make sure you know what you are doing.” OH RIGHT. Yea sure, I will change my profile pic it MEANS that I support someone that’s why I changed it huh?

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