Sometimes, I really dunno how I feel about other people anymore. It’s as though I’m tired of being around others. I only want to be alone.

Why do I feel so? Coz I feel like I’m being taken for granted. People ask me to do this and that even though I don’t like it. There’s a difference between me volunteering and you making me do something. Volunteer = “Hey, your math, do you need my help?” Make = “hey fy, do this for me.”
Then sometimes, when people need me, they come and find me. Else, I’m nothing to them.



(Another matter altogether)

SWE practice today. Went with Dicky & Faith. So less people today. Probably because of Nestor Torres’ concert + discussion meetings. I got quite bored coz the 2 songs we were working on today had lots of rests for me.

Ate at MOS with Kaili and the new flautist. Faith, Dicky & i sat on one side while Kaili & the new guy sat at another side. I picked up some bits of their conversation. Quite interesting at some bits. Oops… Eavesdropping?? Lol.

Well, I won’t be blogging for a while unless there are some major stuff. Lots of stuff coming up.

And I think I want to be alone. haha.

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