Alumni gripes.

This morning I got a shock of my life (ok not so drama) shock when I saw this HS teacher come into the band room to scold and raise her voice at a band alumnus member.

To be fair to her, this guy did make a mistake by playing his instrument in the band store. The band store has open windows and sound will travel out and some students were having exams.

But is it really necessary to raise your voice and say stuff like, “I am going to complain to your teacher-in-charge about this!” or “Who was the one who played their instrument inside!!” ??

And it wasn’t like this person talked back or what. He even apologised. You could have said nicely can’t you? If he was a student at HS and you talked like that, fine by me. But we have graduated. And I honestly believe that this was an innocent, simple mistake made. To be honest, I didn’t even know that we were not supposed to play in the store and that they were having exams (it was elearning day for them by the way). No need for such a hoo-hah right?

It makes me wonder if this teacher talks like that to her friends who are late or something too. “Why are you late?? I don’t want to be your friend anymore!!”

You may say that I am not being fair. But did you know, after some band juniors (sec 1s or 2s – I saw it with my own eyes) forgot to close the band room door, this male teacher came by and said, “hello. I think you’re supposed to close this door yea?” and he even smiled. Totally different attitude from the first teacher.

I’d also heard this evening (I wasn’t there) that a teacher wasn’t too happy with the band alumni performing and said that the way we performed was as though we were reluctant to perform. (I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what the exact words were used, but the meaning that was sent to me was that.)

I don’t really know how to portray non-reluctance. The rest of them are planning to smile when performing. Maybe I should do that too. But I am quite disappointed to hear such comments. We put in time to come for practices, rehearsals, and didn’t complain about the lack of proper instructions or planning.

I was feeling very happy to be back with the band again until such incidents happened today. This has made me ponder if perhaps we should be back. No other performing arts CCA have alumni back with them except for us. Is that what we get?

I am not asking for special treatment or anything. I was even willing to carry the percussion instruments (until some of the band members themselves told me I am not supposed to, so I helped by taking all the smaller auxiliaries). All I ask for is some understanding and acceptance that we are here because once a Hougean, forever a Hougean.

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