Man spewed vulgarities at me.

This morning, I was a victim of a mentally unstable guy (what I make out the man to be).

I was sitting on the bus (Service 30, SBS 9018S, on the seats that face the side of a packed bus instead of the front or back, when this Indian man got up the bus and started coughing away.

It may seem to be an innocent gesture from him but do take note of 2 things:
1. He was coughing loudly and rather long (10secs at least)
2. He was coughing at my face.

Tell me, what would you do in your case? Automatically I shielded my face from his cough which thankfully didn’t have saliva. And I also gave him a look. Because I wondered if it was on purpose or accident and because I wanted to see who he was (so rude).

What happened after that was not common among people of the right/sound mind. He continued coughing and was glaring at me the whole time while doing so. And then, he started spewing vulgarities softly while looking at me. The “f” word, “KNNCCB” and all the works repeatedly.

Some people standing around him looked at him and saw him glaring at me and they looked at me as well. I gave them pleading looks but they turned away. The most unfortunate for me. What did I do? What could I do?

I didn’t look at him after that first glance but I could feel him staring at me and saw him (at the corner of my eye).

Just at this point in time, I remembered this story that I’d read somewhere about this man in UK/US that met some punks on an empty train who were drunk or something. Then he started chanting in his heart and they decided to ignore him.

So I started chanting in my heart.

It just happened so that there’s this Malay lady (who was wearing pink) who stood in front of me (the Indian man was slightly to her right, my left) and she looked at me, and stood there right in front of me, despite having a little space to move away. She could move if she wanted and she didn’t.

The vulgarities continued for at least 5 minutes.

Afterwards, the man, who was gripping on to the handlebars above tried to elbow me as the bus was turning. -.-! I turned my face away to avoid the elbow but he was rather unsuccessful. The woman stood there and if she didn’t move, he couldn’t do anything.

2 elbows and he decided to squeeze to the upper deck of the bus.

I would like to thank this Malay aunty who helped me, whether intentionally or not. I am sure that she knew what was happening as that guy who was spewing vulgarities was rather obvious in his words (people around him could hear him and they stopped talking for about 3 seconds).
And also that faith really works wonders.

(I smsed my mum, sis, Huzz and then to plurk-twitter as well after he walked away. I then updated fb using my phone after my mum told me to. I thought that if something happens to me, at least I knew of the approximate time so that I am able to tell the police or something.)

What happened of the man? He alighted at the SYC stop and while waiting for the bus to stop, I saw his mouth mumbling stuff and still staring at me while waiting at the staircase to alight. Thankfully he didn’t do anything.

What would you do in your case?

If he really hit me or elbowed my face, what I would definitely do is stand up and shout at him. Not sure if this is the wisest thing to do, but at least there are CCTVs in the bus to record the whole thing.

It would be great if people would stand up for me as well.

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