Fun day.

Went to FTPSS for exchange yesterday. I didn’t realise that the school was where Mdm Chua lived 2 blocks away. It was a pretty big place and it kind of reminded me of SKSS.

They have lifts! Lucky for the tubists and percussionists. haha 🙂


1. FTPSS Band – 2 pieces (can’t remember the names but one was from Chopin)
2. RSS Band – Blue Ridge Saga and Ross Roy!
3. HS Band – Latin Celebration, Momiji (Red Leaves) and A Leroy Anderson Portrait

When Mr Lim announced that RSS was going to play Ross Roy (by Jacob de Haan), I got so excited! Haha. I haven’t heard that piece played ‘live’ in a while. It always brings great memories to me. Whenever I think of Ross Roy, I would think of SKSS Percussionists and especially the sectionals with Mr Nizam. There was one sectional before the last Dec 7 concert (I think it was a day camp or something) where us percussion had the whole day with Mr Nizam in the band room and we did Ross Roy. Since Perseus and I didn’t have to play that piece, we sat there in front and sang out the song. Haha. 😀 Melessa (who’s always very sporting and enthuisastic) also sang along. Lol. Mr Nizam had said something like, “Your choir members are getting more and more out of tune.” Haha. :laugh:

I miss those days. So when they played Ross Roy, everything came back to me.

Well, I knew who didn’t do well for that piece coz I sort of know it to heart. No offense.

Then I played with the band for Latin Celebration. After the song Yin Yin asked me to tune the timpani for her. I wasn’t ear trained, so I got Hazizi to help (he’s their tutor mah).

Then guess what? The band played Momiji instead of Leroy Anderson. Siti was to crash the cymbals on the third beat of Leroy but she crashed it wrongly (obviously). It wasn’t that bad actually, just weird. Then I saw all the percussionists change places. They heard the wrong second piece actually.

Now, I know many people are going to start blaming the percussionists for making mistakes like these, and I’d heard of the incident that happened last Wednesday.

Please be understanding. 3/5 people in percussion are sec 1s. To be a sec 1 percussionist in the main band isn’t easy. I have spoken to them about such incidents many times and I can see that they are working hard to do their very best. They don’t learn one instrument only. They have to learn and master All percussion instruments.

Of course, I’m not saying that they are not at fault. They could have listened properly and all. But what I’m saying is, we learn from mistakes, not point fingers at others. If you think you can help them, do help them. We are a band. Not a solo player.

Well they had etudes competition after that. I recorded all the HS band performances. I would like to say that, even if you made mistake right there, don’t be disheartened! It takes a load of courage to stand in front of so many people and play something solo. 🙂

After the exchange, went to eat at Kopitiam then went to SWE practice. Did Mononoke Hime Medley and The Little Mermaid Medley. So many people came. Which was cool. 🙂 Hansel went too! 🙂 Haven’t seen him since school closed for the holidays.

Then went to MOS Burger after that for dinner with Glenn, Dickson & Kai Li. Had ebi rice burger. Shall try something else in future.

Lol. It was fun being around the 3 guys. Laughed a lot like mad. If I say about what, Dickson will kill me. And he reads my blog. 😛 Haha. But well, I really laughed at the MSN joke. haha. :satisfied:

I kept forgetting that Kai Li is one year younger instead of older than me. Coz he’s so tall! (I know what Dickson’s going to say liao Haha)

Well, Dicky good luck in what you’re going to do. 😀

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