My thoughts on Buzzing Cashier 2.

Buzzing Cashier 2- picture taken from MediaCorp’s website

I’m sure many of you have caught Buzzing Cashier 1 and 2, a heartwarming reality program that helps hawker stall owners that have been failing to make profits from their stalls bring their food quality, food hygiene and stall presentation, up to standard.

I’m a big fan of this program, as 1. they help people, 2. they teach cooking and 3. there is a factor of ‘realism’ in the show (The problems and the behaviour of the weekly participants are real).

However, since the last few episodes of Buzzing Cashier 1 and the first episode of Buzzing Cashier 2, something has been bugging me A LOT.

I’m sure some of you who’d watched it will get that feeling as well.

Hm, what is it?

Is it:
a) Kym Ng‘s irritating questions that add no value and no meaning to the show?
b) Kym Ng‘s antics on the show that isn’t funny at all? OR
c) Kym Ng‘s comments that just irritate and push the participants to the limit?

My answer is a, b and c.

Notice that I don’t mention about Quan Yi Fong?
After watching so many episodes, I believe, and strongly believe that Quan Yi Fong’s hosting is really professional. Sure, she does some funny antics on the program. Sure, she asks questions. Sure, she made comments that might upset participants. HOWEVER, her comments make sense AND add value and meaning to the show.

Take for example, last week’s episode (episode 6 I believe), why does Kym Ng have to comment that the participant’s son is an example of a “flower pot” (花瓶) ?

Does it make any sense? Was she trying to be funny? Because I thought it wasn’t funny at all. Did it help the lady learn how to improve on her skills as her hawker?

There was an article from the Channel News Asia (CNA) website earlier this year when this program just started out, that was titled No one said Kym Ng & Quan Yifeng had to be nice.

In it, Kym Ng mentioned that “If we just carry on like this (making no comments), it’ll be no different from a regular cooking show.”

Sure you can make comments, but sometimes, personal attacks don’t work and just leave a bad taste to people who watch the shows.

I cringe everytime Kym Ng makes such comments.

Honestly, to add entertainment value, one doesn’t have to make such comments like this. Kym Ng should learn from Quan Yi Fong how a good host should be. True, Quan Yi Fong was under the limelight a few years ago for being sharp-tongued and making harsh comments, but at least they make sense. I feel that Quan Yi Fong’s comments add entertainment value and yet doesn’t make me cringe.

Watch the next episode next monday, Channel 8, 8pm and tell me what you think.

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