Shape Run 09

Went for my first Shape Run last Sunday (19 July 09) at Millenia Walk. It’s my 2nd run (the first was PAssion Run).

Went to AMK Mrt to meet Wee Peng and we took the train to City Hall. We were advised to be there before 6.45am and I found out why after arriving (see below for explanation).

Deposited our bags, went to the washroom and then headed to the starting area.

There were a few things that I didn’t like.

1. The place was super small, and everyone had to squeeze around this area to get to the baggage area. No wonder we had to be there early.

2. During the run, there was NO indication of how far we had ran. This is super demoralising. Imagine that you keep running without knowing how far you have left to run and your brain will tell you that it’s never going to end. LOL.

3. They should put a path for people who wants to jog slow so that those who wants to run fast won’t get stuck behind. This explains my horrible timing.

I’m just 5 mins behind Wee Peng and she’s 400 places in front of me. Haha. My sis’s timing’s the one below.

Anyway, met up with Wee Peng again after that and we took our Vitagen and Yoghurt and then took some pics. Lol

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