2 years together!

Happy 2 years anniversary to Huzz and I! Okay, I’m like 2 days late in posting this here. We have yet to celebrate as NS and armour means Huzz has some FTX thingy today and tomorrow. He booked out on Fri and went in yesterday.

Next week I’ll update this post with what we did! 🙂 Updated!

Cause every breath that you will take
While you are sitting next to me
Will bring life into my deepest hopes


Alright! On the day when Huzz and I hit 2 years and 1 week, Huzz met up with me at NUS and we had a nice lunch at the BK area and then went to SLS to get his PSP erm, shell? (dunno the word for it) Walked around and looked at some games and stuff too.

Right after that, we went to Holland V and walked around deciding on where to have our dinner. We settled on this Japanese place – Yoshimaru Ramen Bar.

I had Sukiyaki Ramen and Huzz had Garlic Chicken Ramen.
Soup was delicious, serving though was a little small despite it’s price. I think Ajisen is more filling. Though the stuff inside wasn’t stingy.

The place was interesting as they gave us this bowl of sesame seeds for us to grind and all.

We had ice-cream at Cold Rock Creamery after that.

Had 2 cups with 4 flavours in total – Mango, Choc Mint, Rocher (as in Ferrero) and Rum and Raisin. Toppings were Gummy Bears and Nerds. =)

Thanks my dear for all the dinner and the present! 🙂 I know you like my present right? 😛

*Will photoshop some of the pictures henceforth

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