Dinner @ Loving Hut with Olive and Ainee

Met up with Olive and Ainee today for dinner at this eatery called Loving Hut. It’s located at Suntec Tower 2 and Parklane Mall and it’s vegitarian. The best part is that they don’t charge you GST or service charge. AND, the food is not expensive (< $10 per meal with drink). Great for this recession period. And it's delicious too! I'll let the pictures do the talking. But we forgot to take a group pic so I took a picture with Olive on the train back (Ainee left earlier).

Was talking to Huzz on the way home about the Katy Perry song, and…

Me: “It’s quite sad la the lyrics: ‘I’m with him I’m thinking of you’ ”
Huzz: “Huh but you’re not with another guy what.”
Me: “No I meant the lyrics is sad.”

🙂 So lucu ya? 🙂

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