CNY Reunion Dinner + Day 1.

Let the pictures do the talking =)

Reunion Dinner

CNY Day 1
As usual, it’s spent at my Grandma’s. Finally got to meet Ashley after she learnt how to speak. =) SHE’S SO CUTE. She calls me and everyone and everything “nana” for some reason. And she told me about a party in school. hahha.

And I learnt that kids pick up whatever they learn in school very well. Be careful teachers. I became a student that was punished by a “teacher” (Ashley), student that had to carry a waterbottle, student had to go look for my “Grandma” (my cousin, aunt and Grandma – imaginations of Ashley) and Ashley and I “ran away” and hid from “police” (cousin William – Ashley’s Dad). *faints*

I feel old… I’m turning 21 and my niece is just 3. And… Donny’s 2_ lol. Haha. He whispered his age to me so I guess I’m not to spread it.


Cousin Wei Wen, my sis and I.

Me and Grandma.

Me and Giggles (Ashley, my niece)


Chin Cousins, Ashley and Grandma. =)

Ashley saying, “I eat you.” lol

Charmelon and I

Cousins and Grandma.
L to R: Jesslyn, Donny, Janning, Me, Grandma, Candy, Charlene & Danny.

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