Wtf. Tired don’t give me freaking attitude.

I just asked a rich guy who happens to be my schoolmate in sec school for help relating to my ECPJ. Coz no one in the family has a credit card, and I’ve never used one online, so I dunno how the procedure to it goes. So I asked him, and he gave me this bad attitude. I know there is a high chance that he’ll read this and that I’ll get into trouble for this, but I don’t get it why when people are tired and don’t want to help, they don’t say. They use words that hurt you and make you feel stupid and lousy.

I just want people to know that if you are tired or not in the mood to talk, just say so. Don’t make me feel idiotic like because I am poor I have never used a credit card before, so I dunno what a cvvs code is. Ok?

Hell. You spoilt my day.

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