15 November 2008 – I learnt a lot today =)

It was our monthversary!! 18 months!! Haha 😀

It also happened to be 42 SAR’s Family Day. Huzz’s parents invited me to go as well 😀
Woke up at 5am, made coffee, did my prayers (the usual, blah, blah) and rushed out.
I was super kanchiong and wanted to take the first bus that will bring me to North-South line. Boarded 159 and went to AMK. I am so amazed that at 5.45am on a Saturday, there are about 5 people at the bus stop waiting for buses as well.

Anyway, fast forward to CCK.
I had McGriddles and Apple Pie for breakfast, then met up with Huzz’s parents and we took the bus to Sungei Gedong camp!
It was my first time there so I was kinda nervous that we would miss the stop throughout the bus journey. The responsibility of bringing myself and Huzz’s parents to the camp was quite big, so I had to get it right! Luckily, Huzz gave rather clear instructions on what to watch out for so we made our way there alright. =)

Anyway, the camp gave, like one copy of the map of the area where we were allowed to roam around, per family. So the 3 of us had only one copy. Huzz’s mum passed me the map and I decided to take a look at the other areas of the handout and guess what I saw:

If you’ve ever felt proud of someone, you know how I felt at that exact moment.
=D He told me about a pic, but doesn’t know that it’ll be on the flyers. HE’S MY BF!!

Anyway, had a parade where they basically demonstrated how some tanks and stuff are being used. Pretty loud and all, but my ears were alright. Saw KY giving out bottles of water before the thing. Then when they marched out, we immediately spotted Huzz. 😀 Haha.

Then Huzz’s Mum helped him put on the Armour’s logo on his uniform.

Went on a tank… Darn I forgot what’s the term for that. =x (Edited: bronco)
Oh ya, saw Zi Xuan doing duty when I was on the tank. Haha. I waved to him and he was like o.O lol.
Also saw Tammi.

Was drawn by 2 caricature artists. But I think both doesn’t resemble me.
What do you think?

I was quite lazy to queue for the second one but Huzz’s mum queued for me. =x

Huzz brought me to look at the weapons and all but I was a bit too late so I couldn’t try them out. :'( No more chance liao lor. I am super disappointed. Shall not think about it!
Saw Hansel too. Haven’t seen him for a while.

Fast forward, went to SAFRA Mount Faber with Huzz to collect his free gift from his SAFRA membership, then went to Vivo and I saw these XBox 360 people playing Rock Band (or was it Guitar Hero?). I WANT!!!!!!
It was a rather good day. Though I received email that my grand-niece Winnie was hospitalised. She got discharged today (16 Nov).

All in all, I love this pic:

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