Of meeting friends randomly.

The past week was pretty interesting now that I’m thinking about it.

I met different friends randomly when I’m outside, though I didn’t talk to all of them (coz they don’t recognise me and I’m lazy to call out to them).

There was Faith. Met her on Friday night at CCK Mrt station. Hope her nose is better now!

There was Bryan. He still looked the same. Wonder if he’s still playing his clarinet?

There was Jiang Da. So fast! 3 years has passed since I was his OGL. Lol.

Yesterday I posted the Youtube video for my project but has taken it down coz the quality just sucks. Am going to reupload a higher resolution one and will post it here (which probably is something like 6GB in size hence I can’t submit a high res one to the tutor 🙁 ). Video Studio is just really inflexible when it comes to saving in the size and type of the project that you want. Feedback from the class was great. Though there were some parts where my classmates laughed but I have no idea why. =x

Hectic week, but it isn’t that bad actually. 🙂

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