Back on track.

Went to HS this morning. Shall reserve my comments. haha, but well, they’ve improved a lot! I’m honestly impressed.

Did homework, then went to Huzz‘s area. I had a great time hanging out at IMM with him. =)

Sis and mum are back home! 😀

(Ok this entry’s sounding kinda childish)

Went for SNCO then. Only a few of us came, but I am so glad to see them again!
Weili, Meow Ling, Geng Qin, Eddie, Shini and Kaili.
I overheard that Kaili got promoted at SAF band.

Anyway, I ended up playing flute and trumpet parts on the mallets. Very not used to it! Flute notes are too high for me to get used to and trumpet part I had to sight-read and transpose it while sight-reading! I know they are excuses as the main reason’s that I’m not good enough =/

Just did a MBTI for fun test. My results are:
Introverted: 11%
Sensing: 1%
Thinking: 12%
Judging: 22%

And the most interesting thing is as follows. Based on the results of my personality, the career types that I’m most suitable for are (in order):

11. Military Training
10. Law

9. Dentist/Dental Assistant
8. Physician

7. Sport Coaching
6. Accounting
5. Management

4. Mechanics/Automotive Repair
3. Engineering
2. Technology Education

and the number one just owned.:
1. Computer Programming

Of course, I wasn’t sure if it was just an ad, but I am so amazed. Lol

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