6 days to the concert

Went for SWE prac today. It’s just 6 days to the concert and yet there are people who choose to absent themselves for practice. Well, it’s their choice. Choose Wisely, Face The Consequences Squarely. One of HS code of conduct. Enough said.

Practice was okay. At least my Merry Widow part was better. 🙂 Got a big surprise when I was moving the instruments. I scanned the room and saw CHUAN MING!!! OOOO!! I didn’t know that he had came back to Singapore! When he left SG 4 months ago, I wondered when I’ll get to see him again. Didn’t know it was so soon! COOL!! 😀 They said Hui Ling got married yesterday and he went. Cool! Many of them were teasing each other about the amount of beer drunk yesterday at the wedding (Terence) included. Haha. Adults… 😛

Am reading my blog entries from 2004. Quite interesting. I’m thinking of compiling it into a book for my own keep. 🙂

Back to school tomorrow! My term break wasn’t like a break anyway. Honestly, I can’t wait to get the exams over with, and get the 2 months break. Those are more like breaks anyway. And, it also means that Reuben‘s coming back to SG soon!!

2006 rocks!

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