20th Birthday celebrations!

In about 2 hours time (10pm now), I’m no longer a teenager!! I’m turning 20! Haha I feel so childish typing this =/ but yea. =)

Met up with Twin Dragon, Henry and abao along with YL’s friend Mei Jin. We went to Botak Jones (amk). Basically abao was late coz he had to rush down from work, so the 4 of us stood at AMK Mrt station and talked till we got bored and decided to do something else so we went to BreadTalk to get a cake. Coz yesterday was abao’s birthday.

I had Fish & Chips:

The guys basically talked about NS while Mei Jin and I laughed, talked a bit and watched the TV. Lol. The stuff I learnt about NS on Friday were pretty funny and interesting.

Met up with Huzz at Buona Vista MRT station.
Anyway, before that, he’d smsed me to ask if I would like to borrow his guitar so I said if it wasn’t too troublesome for him, I’m ok with it =) When I saw him waiting for me, he was carrying a guitar. I noticed that the guitar bag was different so I thought maybe he’d bought a new bag for his guitar. I started to apologise coz I was late, and he just said, “Happy Birthday” and handed me the guitar.

I didn’t get it at first though part of me was wondering whether the present was his gift for me. Then when he asked me to open and take a look, I opened and saw a brand new guitar.

I was soooooo stunned and surprised that I cried. LOL. I didn’t know I’m such a teary person =/

Anyway, we went to Holland V after that, hung out at Starbucks and had Mexican food for dinner. I learnt so much about him tonight =)

Lol. anyway, the mexican diner sort of mixed up our order and gave us out appetizer only after the whole meal. Haha. There was a group of twenty-somethings celebrating a girl’s birthday as well there =)

I just want to say that I love Huzz so much and Huzz, I really want to thank you for making my day everyday. THANK YOU!!

Had alumni meeting.

Then met up with Hwa Swee, Henry and Gary at The Coffee Club at Taka. Table topic was on NS again. And this time, what they said was scary. Stuff like doing monkey bars till your hands bled yet you have to go on, etc. Hwa Swee looked the same hahaha. Just that he has the NS style hair. But then, I’m like used to seeing so many friends with that same hairstyle that it doesn’t surprise me or anything anymore. Lol.

Met up with Huzz after that coz he had to book in. Didn’t get to see his family today. =( Never mind! In 2 weeks time!!

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  1. happy birthday! 🙂 seems like u had a really good pre-birthday celebration!
    hope ur day today will be as wonderful, and hope EVERYDAY is wonderful too! 🙂
    hope to meet u soon, ya! haha. realise that i’ve been reading ur blog for almost a year, n have yet to meet u 😛

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