Just came back from dinner and movie with Huzz. =D We watched The Dark Knight and there were a few scenes that made me close my eyes coz I was worried it might be very gory. haha. But it was an excellent movie so go watch it! Heath Ledger’s the best. RIP.

When you haven’t seen a person for so many days and you miss him so much, it gets quite overwhelming but I’m glad that I get to see him and everything =) Thank you so much (the mushy words will be reserved for your eyes only :P)!

Anyway, this morning Karthika was asking me if I wanted to join any cca in NUS and I told her if everything went well, I want to join NUS Strings. Was just thinking about it when I realised that everytime I pick up an event or commitment (my relationship with Huzz NOT included), I will let go one other that I have currently. If I can’t let go, I won’t pick it up.

Should I learn to pick more commitments so that I won’t keep doing this? Or should I continue to do this? Time and health must help me.

My current commitments:
2. HS Alumni Dinner
3. NUS

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