Mixed thoughts?

I think, sometimes people don’t really see the truth in what is going on and would rather see lies?

I’d slept 7 hours as usual yesterday alright? Please don’t say that I’d slept 4 hours or whatnot as you weren’t even awake when I made the coffee.


I look back at when I first met the 2008 band graduands, and I just think about how a new group of people are now graduating from secondary school yet again. Time flies so fast.

Everytime I go for a graduation, I think it serves as a reminder to me that being in secondary school was a way of learning how to grow up properly. There are just so many people that I’ve known when they first joined and graduate who turned out to be less complicated than they had first started out.

Which is seriously cool and it justs affirms my view that whatever labels you’ve tagged on someone back in secondary school should be removed as everyone grows and improves.


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