It’s a monday.

Didn’t get a new printer in the end. Dad said that we could get it at any electronics store and not squeeze with others at the PC show. Haha.

Yesterday was Fathers’ Day. Gu Ma 姑妈 and Fong Ling came over for a steamboat dinner. Gu Ma cooked some bee hoon which was super delicious I had like 2 bowls of it (usually I would eat half-a-bowl of bee hoon). Haha. Must exercise today! =X

Received some updates about my relatives. I’m going to be a grandaunt next month (2 nieces giving birth). Hope that the younger niece is going to be okay. She sounds depressive and I can’t really blame her given her past and the current situation. I wonder if I’ll get the chance to help her though I was never close to her and she’s not the usual people I hang out with.

Finally managed to restore my HD. Found a really good freeware called Recuva. Go check it out!

Busy weekend this week but I think my week’s going to be boring with just work. =x Haha.

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