OPP Outing – May 08

Had OPP Outing at Manhattan Fish Market PS yesterday.

Food was okay. Loved the rice though. Had Seafood Platter for 2 with Huzz. Great to see everyone again!! 😀

So far, I would say that I enjoy the OPP Outings the most coz everyone invited would turn up. lol.

Vernon & Madeline

Botak Henry! + Yi Long trying to hide.

Yi Long + Vernon – NS Men!

My soup of the day

The 3

Everyone else


Jia Hui’s

Seafood Platter for 2

And just as we were to bill, Vernon knocked over his cup of ice water and it directly shot towards my direction. I quickly moved backwards but not before some water spilled on my hand. Cold! But it was pretty funny. Lol.

We walked to Lucky Plaza after that where I saw a transverstite (I think) in the ladies. I was quite shocked at first coz he/she looked like a man and walked out of one of the cubicles. But then I realised the white foundation and weird dressing. So yea. Nope I’m not laughing at her/him. Just wanted to write about it.

The guys played pool and basically saw Huzz in action the first time. I haven’t played since the alumni chalet in 2007.

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