Gathering with my sec 4 classmates.

Hwei Ling returned for a short visit (from Canada) and over the weekend (Saturday), we had a small gathering at Settlers Cafe.

I was there earlier than the rest but then they came. Anyway, those who came were Hwei Ling, Eng Eng, Janice, Shin Yee, Coreen, Kim Guan, Derrick Peh, Ya Hong, Wei Heng, Jun De, Hou Teck, Huey Jin, Nicholas and Jing Mei. Quite a big group so we ended up splitting to 2 tables to play games.

Oh and a few of us went to Hougang Mall’s Mac after that for a drink.


Shin Yee, Eng Eng, Janice, Hwei Ling

The ONLY HS Idol & Derrick

Hwei Ling & Ya Hong

A tad oily though

Jing Mei, Jun De, Nicholas

Me and Hwei Ling

He thought I was taking a picture of him

Hou Teck. One of my good friends in class. We used to work on the notice board with Hazilah after school

Everyone (L to R):
Row 1: Hwei Ling, Janice, Coreen, Jing Mei
Row 2: Me, Huey Jin, Ya Hong, Shin Yee, Eng Eng
Row 3: Kim Guan, Derrick Peh, Nicholas, Wei Heng, Hou Teck, Jun De

Videos will be up later.
Anyway, I enjoyed this gathering a lot, coz it feels like I’m back in sec school where everyone’s doing the things we used to do. It’s quite funny how the rumours that I thought was forgotten are actually still remembered 4 years on, and the things that were done back then are all repeated. haha.

Darn, I miss my sec 4 class.

But somehow, I feel like I’m quite different from the me back then.

Ya Hong: “How long did you know your bf before you both got together?”
Me: “Around 3 months.”
Ya Hong (pointing to Huey Jin): “3 days.”

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