My sister’s comments

I was looking at my own thighs and realised that i’m now fatter when I said it out loud and my sis said, “whatever!”

Then anything I was talking about after that she replied with a “whatever!”

She then said that I always said stuff like, “My results are so lousy!” in her presence when I have a gpa that is highest than hers, and it made her feel lousy.

Okay sis, I’m sorry if I made you feel that way, but honestly, comparing my course to yours, there actually is nothing to compare about. For starters, we are totally talking about 2 different diplomas, 2 different industries. Yours is something where there is no right or wrong answers, but whether what you do is correct or wrong. Even for correct or wrong, there is no black and white to it. Many must be learnt through tacit knowledge.

I think I should just keep these thoughts to myself sometimes. I’m sorry if I made anyone upset.

But I guess this is a way to make myself work harder – I don’t give up in difficulties, I make myself work harder. I hope you’ll understand.


Anyways, today was Free Cone day at Ben n Jerry’s. I reached The Cathay at 7.10pm exactly (the ERP gantry showed the time) and they were still letting people queue for it. I didn’t go though, coz for one reason or another (kinda wished I did coz I felt kinda left out when everyone’s eating it today 🙁 ) but the funny part was when i started wondering why I didn’t get a free ice-cream this day last year. Lol.

Then I started wondering if China had Ben n Jerry’s. I guess they don’t.

Oh and today played Reversi with Huzz. I lost 3:1. Haven’t finished the forfeit though. =x Haha. Will continue on Thursday! 😀

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