Stress overload

Feeling really stress these few days. :'( Having weird dreams almost every night. Are these dreams telling me something? The dream last night was pretty interesting though. Prom night at poly yet we are carrying chairs around. :confused: Lol.

Bao Hui brought his new MP3 he bought yesterday. Creative MuVo S200! :O Cool right?? I just saw it on the web like 1 week ago and today I saw it real life. Sweet! His was silver in colour but somehow I was kind of blind and thought it was black :blush: so paiseh. Love the feature about the song lyrics. If I have that MP3, I will sure memorize Geek In The Pink within 1 week. haha. The display colour’s pretty cool too – orange!! So nice… My MP3’s so ancient they’ve taken the specs and everything off the site already. :plain:

Argh. Wonder what’s wrong with me. Attention span getting shorter and shorter. Used to be 30mins, now it’s only 10. TEN! OMG. I keep walking around the lab today because I get bored too easily. Then my group members doesn’t seem to need me anyway.

Anyway, today, some crappy thing happened to me. And that is something which i can NEVER tolerate; someone being rude to me. I can’t freaking take it lor. I had to try to stop myself from being sarcastic. Not very effective coz I still said something sarcastic that I laugh when I think back about it.

You know, taking someone else’s things and passing it to another person without the owner’s permission is RUDE? I even had to ask from that person “May I get my stuff back?” before she told me that she’d passed it to someone else. WTH?! HEY. It’s my stuff. MINE. Not yours. Did you get my permission before you passed it to someone else? NO. I might sound like I’m freaking out at the slightest stuff, but it’s POLITE to ask first. Didn’t your parents teach you that?

(the expected person would never read this but let me rant a while more k?)

Don’t expect me to do all the work for you all the time when you don’t buy notes, don’t bother to copy the stuff and just sleep at lectures. I am not your tutor. Even other classmates are walking away from you. The reason why I’m still talking is because the tutor is there looking. Else, I won’t even say a word and ignore you.

No wonder he ignores you. Go ask yourself why.


Zzz Homework to complete. Saturday morning still must go to Regent Sec :doze: 0730!

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