Hey it’s been 3 months since I started work at the new place!
I was just confirmed of my employment just a few days ago! 😀

Everything’s been awesome. I’ve been learning, doing new interesting stuff, and of course each job has it’s normal routine things to do, but it’s been my interest, so it’s great!

But you know what the best part is? Work-life balance.
It was probably something that I had neglected in the past – thinking that going home late means that I’m hardworking and that I will be successful from it.
But no, what I realized is that, sure, if you have something to work on or rush, going home late is okay. However, if there’s no peak or trough in your work, then it’s not good. Not good for health or even your mental health.

Been there, done that!

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You eat me, I eat you.

It’s a terribly ugly world out there.

I see people being kicked out of their organisations due to issues with people just right above them.

Nice people have to leave because of people above them, and some people just show their ugly true colours just to save their own ass. They don’t even admit that it’s their fault.

I’m facing something at work, and it’s hard to stay positive or objective. The first main reason would be that if the person is not in the same life condition as you, he/she will never listen anyways. And that sucks to the max. No logic = no understanding. They don’t understand you, there’s no point. They want an explanation, we give them, but they still demand for more.

Don’t know if anyone understands?

Felt a little left out yesterday. No connection with anyone.

Feeling more restless than ever.

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Jmin’s Birthday Party 2010.

This is wayyy overdue. In fact, I haven’t blogged for ages due to school (and now work) but well, here goes.

Jmin celebrated her birthday on 28 March as the actual day of her birthday falls on 1 April (which was a weekday). Here are the shots that I’d taken on that day itself.

It was pretty fun. In fact, I took lots of pictures that many people didn’t take due to the fact that I was there early (with Huzaen to help set up food, decorations, etc.)

Taken using D90. 😀

My favourite image of the lot.

This kitty (who was blind at its right eye) kept attempting to “meow” us into feeding it. Haha. But it’s just so cute hence I took about 100 pictures of it. =x Didn’t upload all yet though.

Jmin and I.

The following pictures were taken at night after the other Elves people had arrived.
Faizal left early to go out on a date. Lol. So only Jmin and Sherry saw them (Huzz and I had went for a walk).

Ryan mixing the vodka with juice for Jmin.

Jmin before she drank it.

Playing cards.

Elves people haha.

The pretty cake and candles! (I love this shot too btw)

Jmin and her Mum (and uncle)

Everyone of us! (Elves)

Had a great time! But well, as usual, I turned red from the alcohol and everyone wondered if I’m okay (of course I am!)

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Marina Barrage (9 Jan 10) 8am + some bits on bowling.

On the way home on Friday, Jmin and I were discussing whether I would like to accompany Jmin to Marina Barrage for a photowalk (let’s put it that way). Faizal was unconvinced that I should go. In the end, after I did some research and found out that Marina Barrage has wireless, I decided to go. In case you were wondering why I need wireless, it’s because of module bidding. )*@&#()*@&*

Woke up at 6am on Saturday (9 Jan 10), left the house at 6.45am and took bus service 72. On the way, there was this old man who boarded the bus, and then when he wanted to alight, the bus captain (this driver who was featured in many SBS Transit posters) guided him to the front door exit, and then (you won’t believe it), helped the old man cross the road. WOW. He held on his arm, and then watched out for vehicles and all. It was until the old man sat on the opposite bus stop seat then he cross back and sat down on one of the seats before he came back to the bus and continued the journey. 🙂 Really heart warming scene.

Waited for Jmin for a while, before she reached and then we took a cab down to Marina Barrage. Luckily for us, the driver knew how to go to Marina Barrage (took the KPE) and we reached within 30 minutes.

(Funny part) Both of us went to the highest level at Marina Barrage and started taking pictures of the place since it was empty and quiet. What happened was, we noticed another guy at the opposite end of the place taking his camera out and then setting up the tripod.

What we didn’t notice was that that guy was actually boss. hahaha. So funny.

Faizal joined us afterwards after he woke up and Melvin told us through msn that his spirit will be flying towards us and so we felt his spirit. haha

Anyway, the 4 of us were pretty excited when they announced that they will be opening the floodgates in “5 minutes” but we waited for about 15 minutes and nothing happened -.-! Disappointing. But the sun was so good that I didn’t feel upset at all!

Pictures that I took that I like!

Spot boss

Afterwards, we went to Marina Square for our lunch, and Faizal fetched Jmin and I back to Hougang where I rushed off to bowling with Jessie, her bf and Huzz.


Didn’t take pics there, but I scored the most CMI score ever (44). However, by the end of the game I realised what I was doing wrong and now I know how to bowl! Must go often. haha. It’s something that I like but I can’t do well, so I want to do well! 🙂

I conclude that my digital cam is good for outdoor/landscape shots but not indoor. But I must learn how to control the settings well.

Had so much fun this holiday. Thanks to all who made it happen (especially Huzz 🙂 and all at Elveslab).

School starts tomorrow. Hope I’ll get the last module through appeal.

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And the Jay-Z song was on.

We are nuts.

This morning, was about to go out (wanted to be earlier :P) when I received a phone call from Faizal. So like yesterday, went to the bus stop and waited a while for him. Then he went over to Jmin‘s place to fetch her (first time I saw where she lives).

Thennn…. we got lost. Haha. Super funny and fun. Faizal drove around Punggol, then used his GPS (which was in Bahasa. Haha very cool) and for some reason he missed like a few turns and we ended up at Orchard Road. Hahahaha! We kept laughing la. Like super funny. Ended up further and further. And the GPS got a bit annoyed by Faizal missing those turns it gave him the bird’s eye view of the directions instead. HAHA.

So in the end, he finally figured out where the GPS wants him to head to and we reached office! And we weren’t late too! 😀

Had lunch at Katong Laksa again. Spammed water into my body after that so that I won’t be sick. Laksa is just so freaking awesome and delicious that it is just horribly sinful (calories, heatiness, etc).

So this ends another work term for me. Hope I’ll be back.

Settled all my stuff today. But unfortunately my modules bidding was unsuccessful like nuts. Argh.

Will be accompanying Jmin to Marina Barrage tomorrow morning instead of BTT registration coz boss requested Jmin to do so (he will be there too). Then will be bowling with Jessie and her bf (along with Huzz of course).

Would like to add that those people who robs taxi drivers or even cheat their money, will garner loads of negative karma and let’s see how your life goes in the next few years.

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X’Mas 2009 at Elves Lab

It started with boss giving us a choice on where to eat for our X’Mas lunch. We wanted to eat at some Japanese buffet place, but it turns out to be not a halal place, so ended up choosing other places but it turns out that Elves Lab had been there before (although 90% of us weren’t here at that time 😛 ), so in the end I just randomly picked Fish & Co. and everyone was ok with it. haha.

Then, Faizal was sick on X’Mas eve. It seems to be a bad “tradition” (last year was Ai Nee).

We all squeezed in boss’ Integra. Poor Melvin was squashed by 3 of us and he was so tired he fell asleep in the car.

I’d thought that The Glasshouse will be jam packed since it was X’Mas Eve, but it was only about 80% filled! We manage to get seats and here’s what we did with 2 DSLRs (Jmin’s Nikon D40 and boss’s Canon 500D): *pics below are from Canon 500D mostly taken by me but some from Boss and his gf

Sherry, Melvin and Kenneth (intern, who doesn’t smile often)

Best salmon I ever had in a while. the sauce makes me drool.

I’d almost touched the food with the lens to achieve the pic. Haha. need more practice though.

Sherry’s Fish and Chips.

One of my favourite pic because I got to take a rare image. Haha. It’s rare to see/hear Kenneth talk or even smile. Both are captured in here.



Everyone with the gift that we’d exchanged.

My posture is bad!

Went off after that to West Coast park with Huzz and there were loads of families picnicking and playing with sparklers that it got blurry and smoky watching them. Haha.

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Finally, a day to breathe.

Merry Christmas! Finally am able to take a breather.

Haven’t stopped working since after the exams 3 weeks back. New intern at EL (as usual). This time, we get a super quiet intern. A colleague has left, and now I take over his work, or at least 50% of it. Learning loads of new stuff. OT almost every night to finish up my work. But then, am so glad to be back and doing something new so not complaining!

Got my results a few days ago. Almost got a scare as I forgot to pay my school fees so had to do so. They aren’t kidding about holding back your results if you didn’t pay up. CAP improved overall, but am going to work harder to pull it up! Glad I didn’t fail any modules! 🙂

Anyway, lots to do today. Really can’t afford to go out. Glad that Huzz made that decision for me not to go out today. Got to do up some work, pack my cupboard (dragged for 3 months already, parents are going to kill me soon if I don’t complete the cleaning) and read some books related to work. Oh and got to do module review too 😛 For my dear readers.

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Quiet Thursday.

Yesterday was Eddie‘s last day at EL.

Day was pretty quiet as another colleague’s pet of 16 years passed away.

Anyway, we took this pic kinda last minute.

I wish the best of luck to Eddie!

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3rd week of work.

Met Alan on the way to work today. Quite a coincidence as I was looking for a seat on the upper deck of the bus, and there happened to be an empty seat next to him. He’s engaged! 🙂 So happy for him! Basically, he’s like my role model. Work hard, be successful and do well in life.

Haha! Had a pretty awkward at times but great lunch with the colleagues. I wondered when Eddie became so lame. For example…

Me (to Johann): So what’s your race?
Johann: My race? I don’t have one specific race. (Goes on to list his race)
Eddie: 200m or 400m?

Get it? LOL.

And anyway, I thought this was a good one:
Me: Are you going jogging later? (Because he was wearing trainers to work -_-“)
Johann: Yea I’m going to run out of the office.

I think, my lameness meter will level up after these few months. And the reason why these conversations seem to start by me is because I just have so many questions to ask all the time. Huzz knows this. haha. Will blog about the things I’d asked him about at the Da Vinci Exhibition another day. 😛

I had a slight temperature in the morning. Whenever my temperature hits 37 degrees celsius, I’ll basically stop thinking properly and want to sleep. It’s like that for me. Guess it’s my body fighting some infection (most probably from my slight cold).

My throat feels weird though.

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