Cheryl’s 21st Party.

Went to Cheryl’s 21st Birthday party today (31 Oct). Her birthday’s actually on 5 November (same as Huzz) but she decided to celebrate earlier.

Wanted to borrow a DSLR to take pictures (must build portfolio okay) but unfortunately the T&Cs changed so I wasn’t qualified by their terms to borrow.

Anyway, tried the Nikon D90 that Cheryl’s friend was using.

Huzz and I were the earliest guests to come I guess. We were there talking to each other, a little to Zixuan and Cheryl and was entertained by her neighbour’s dog. haha.

I took this shot. Not very sharp, I know =/

We were one of the first to eat the buffet and also durians that Cheryl’s dad opened for us. Yummy!

Afterwards, Scott and Edison came and we all sat at a table and talked, about school and about NS. Also played this card game where we had to shoot ducks. Forgot the game title.

It began to rain around that time and the cards kept flying off the table, so we ended the game after Henry arrived. Wah haven’t seen him in a really long time!

More chatting, and then cake cutting time!

See how happy Cheryl looks?

Enjoyed my time there 🙂 Boyfriend was there, good friends there, how not to enjoy? 🙂

*Photos courtesy of Cheryl’s photographer, Edwin.

Afterwards, the group of us walked to Clementi MRT station. Huzz went back to Jurong, Edison back to NTU, Scott was taking the NEL (which I refused to take after taking it too frequently) and Henry and I took the NS line.

I realised that I’d met 3 of my good friends/buddy/pal from primary school, secondary school and poly within the 2 weeks. haha. This just made my week less stressful.

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Of Chengdu and my plate of thoughts.

Seriously emotional blog entry. Avoid if you don’t want to hear me.

Went to Pierce Sec for POP rehearsal today. Was assigned the Glocks part. Made a new friend, Hui Xian from Pierce Alumni. =)

Had lunch with Shamin and Dickson.

Had another OPP Gathering today.

Was supposed to be a picnic to celebrate all our birthdays, but the plan failed becuase we (I said “we” because we were really too busy, I understand yea?) were all too busy and all.

*Okay, I know this sounds emo*

Henry couldn’t come because today was his commissioning.
HS had a navy exercise today.
Jia Hui had something on.
Madeline went overseas.
Li Ying was not feeling well.

So there were the 7 of us left. Huzz, Edmund, Vernon, Teck Hwee, Yi Long, Yan Qin and me.

While waiting for the movie to start, saw Kai Li.

Watched Monsters vs Aliens. Haha. Love the CG!!! It’s just awesome that so many scenes are so life like. 🙂 And there were some really funny scenes that are pretty lame (in a good way). 😀 Made me happy la.

Then we went to squeeze around at the PC Show, and I saw Vernon Loh. It’s like I turned my head right and there he was. Oh and also saw Kai Li and Hui Wen.

Went to Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe and the food variety was limited, but quite okay, though the service there was seriously bad.

Firstly, Huzz ordered a side dish that was never recorded, and after the waiter recorded it down, it never arrived. )(!@)&@*

Then, this waitress who came to collect our bill behaved in a super “I don’t want to work here” attitude. I wanted to ask her what her problem was when she asked if I wanted to use my card to deduct points. Hello?! If I don’t understand can’t you explain?

I know why my photos look like crap already. It’s the settings! Believe me, the pictures above without photoshop were seriously scary. I suddenly understood why my pictures didn’t need much photoshopping all of a sudden a few weeks back. Haha.

I had “Fermented Chicken Rice”. I thought what “fermented chicken”. It’s actually fermented beancurd with chicken! It’s pretty much what I like though 🙂

After all that, we headed for home. As we were walking along City Link, I saw cousin Alvin! Haha.
Vernon, Edmund and I travelled back on the NEL and Vernon was sharing with us our thoughts about that first dinner when he reached Chengdu, and we 3 talked about the things we did there. haha. 🙂 Pretty insightful.

I miss Chengdu.


*turns PMS mode on*

If you think you would rather compromise friendship by being bothered because we were being honest with you, because we are not fake, because we don’t pretend like others to say how nice your ____ is, then fine with me.

Btw, I only speak my mind ONLY after I feel that you won’t be childish like this.

Too bad for me.

I’m sorry but sometimes, I don’t think I want to take shit from people anymore. People who only want attention. This is so freaking childish and secondary school. You are not a secondary school kid anymore.

And for those who know me well enough to see me posting this here, I am seriously pissed and it’s not only because of PMS, but because I seriously had enough.

Being nice always makes me feel guilty. I’ve had enough.

*turns PMS mode off*

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Small gathering with some NYP friends.

This gathering was kinda last minute. Anthony only asked me last Sunday or Monday night and told Huzz and I to come as well. I was the only BI student and the rest were from IT.

Anyway, when I reached, Teck Hwee, Anthony, Chin Leng, Huzz were already there and then we decided to walk to Marina Square first while waiting for Yan Qin (aka Panda) and Li Ying. At the bridge crossing over to Marina Square, this guy walked up behind Teck Hwee, Anthony and Chin Leng and…

Me: Eh! *Grabs Huzz arm* Yan Qin!!
Huzz: Huh?
Me: Yan Qin leh! *points to the guy*
Huzz: No la. Not him!
Me: Yes it’s him! Not meh? *skeptical*
Huzz: No la not him! But maybe it’s him leh *looks at the guy*

The conversation was something like that, and then the guy turned around and put his lips to his fingers.
It was Yan Qin!!! Gosh!!!! We can’t call him Panda anymore.

All of us watched Night at the Museum 2. I didn’t watch the first one though (sadly) but it was great! I wonder if the Pharoh from Night at the Museum is really Ben Adams? Nope he isn’t Ben Adams but a lookalike.

Great movie though! Love it!! But the romantic parts were a bit… erm… Well, I cringed through it though. I don’t think the real Amelia Earhart would behave like that?

Went for lunch at this Jap restaurant (they picked the place, I followed) and Mike joined us for lunch.

I had Kakiage Don.

Huzz had Black Pepper Chicken Don.

After that, we were joined by Jasmine and everyone went to the Asia Games Convention or whatever and it wasn’t much of a games convention but more like a minature IT show. I collected loads of brochures of DSLRs and cameras.

Then, we killed time by walking around doing I-don’t-know-what. I was basically just playing Huzz’s PSP (Rock Band!).

Then had dinner at the foodcourt only with Huzz and Li Ying because the rest decided that they don’t want to eat at Suntec and decided to go off. I wished I had pasta or delifrance though after I saw a pastamania poster.

*One look and you know which are photoshopped and which are not

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Chye Family Outing: Xin Wang Cafe

Last Sunday, Candy treated us to lunch at Xin Wang HK Cafe.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂

Dad’s Curry Pork Chop.

Dim Sum

Candy’s salted fish and chicken fried rice.

MINE. Pork Chop spaghetti baked with CHEESE. Huzz, are you salivating now? 😛

Mum’s Fish and Chips. Comes with egg!

Everything was HUGE! We could barely finish it up. But somehow I wasn’t that full after that but didn’t want to over fill my stomach so that was all I had for the day other than breakfast. hahahaha.

Went to grandma’s after that and bought her some Har Gao and Siew Mai.

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2 years together!

Happy 2 years anniversary to Huzz and I! Okay, I’m like 2 days late in posting this here. We have yet to celebrate as NS and armour means Huzz has some FTX thingy today and tomorrow. He booked out on Fri and went in yesterday.

Next week I’ll update this post with what we did! 🙂 Updated!

Cause every breath that you will take
While you are sitting next to me
Will bring life into my deepest hopes


Alright! On the day when Huzz and I hit 2 years and 1 week, Huzz met up with me at NUS and we had a nice lunch at the BK area and then went to SLS to get his PSP erm, shell? (dunno the word for it) Walked around and looked at some games and stuff too.

Right after that, we went to Holland V and walked around deciding on where to have our dinner. We settled on this Japanese place – Yoshimaru Ramen Bar.

I had Sukiyaki Ramen and Huzz had Garlic Chicken Ramen.
Soup was delicious, serving though was a little small despite it’s price. I think Ajisen is more filling. Though the stuff inside wasn’t stingy.

The place was interesting as they gave us this bowl of sesame seeds for us to grind and all.

We had ice-cream at Cold Rock Creamery after that.

Had 2 cups with 4 flavours in total – Mango, Choc Mint, Rocher (as in Ferrero) and Rum and Raisin. Toppings were Gummy Bears and Nerds. =)

Thanks my dear for all the dinner and the present! 🙂 I know you like my present right? 😛

*Will photoshop some of the pictures henceforth

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Dinner @ Loving Hut with Olive and Ainee

Met up with Olive and Ainee today for dinner at this eatery called Loving Hut. It’s located at Suntec Tower 2 and Parklane Mall and it’s vegitarian. The best part is that they don’t charge you GST or service charge. AND, the food is not expensive (< $10 per meal with drink). Great for this recession period. And it's delicious too! I'll let the pictures do the talking. But we forgot to take a group pic so I took a picture with Olive on the train back (Ainee left earlier).

Was talking to Huzz on the way home about the Katy Perry song, and…

Me: “It’s quite sad la the lyrics: ‘I’m with him I’m thinking of you’ ”
Huzz: “Huh but you’re not with another guy what.”
Me: “No I meant the lyrics is sad.”

🙂 So lucu ya? 🙂

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CNY Reunion Dinner + Day 1.

Let the pictures do the talking =)

Reunion Dinner

CNY Day 1
As usual, it’s spent at my Grandma’s. Finally got to meet Ashley after she learnt how to speak. =) SHE’S SO CUTE. She calls me and everyone and everything “nana” for some reason. And she told me about a party in school. hahha.

And I learnt that kids pick up whatever they learn in school very well. Be careful teachers. I became a student that was punished by a “teacher” (Ashley), student that had to carry a waterbottle, student had to go look for my “Grandma” (my cousin, aunt and Grandma – imaginations of Ashley) and Ashley and I “ran away” and hid from “police” (cousin William – Ashley’s Dad). *faints*

I feel old… I’m turning 21 and my niece is just 3. And… Donny’s 2_ lol. Haha. He whispered his age to me so I guess I’m not to spread it.


Cousin Wei Wen, my sis and I.

Me and Grandma.

Me and Giggles (Ashley, my niece)


Chin Cousins, Ashley and Grandma. =)

Ashley saying, “I eat you.” lol

Charmelon and I

Cousins and Grandma.
L to R: Jesslyn, Donny, Janning, Me, Grandma, Candy, Charlene & Danny.

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Had a BBQ with the OPP gang at Pasir Ris park yesterday. Area 2, Pit 25.

Dragon, Jia Hui, Madeline, Edmund, Vernon & Teck Hwee came rather early to help Huzz and I to carry the stuff. =) Thank you all! And we spent a pretty short amount of time buying the food actually.

Henry, Hwa Swee also came!! Yay!

Many fun stuff happened, which seriously made me enjoy this gathering. When is the next gathering? Please let it come ASAP 😀

Thanks to all who helped in one way or another! 😀

Had Sotong Balls, hotdogs, chicken wings, crab sticks, mashmallows (with choc “fondue”), drinks, Barcadi (for some of us), ice, otah and satays. 🙂

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Madeline and I

Jia Hui and I (wind was strong!)

Edmund caught doing something… he was picking rocks actually. haha

First attempt to keep the drinks cold…

Quite biased in the way I take pictures actually… 😛

Low tide.

We got the satay from NTUC which were quite good actually.

Private HS NG who got a ear piercing since the last time we saw him :S

Lee Wee Bros otah. Super yummy.

Yi Long (Twin Dragon) was the charcoal in-charge for the day.

Meow! I used flash. Hence the reflection in its eyes.


After clearing the mess, we all sat down, drank and chat. 😀

Next one will be a picnic okay? :))

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Saturday celebrations.

Had a great day out with Huzz yesterday! We watched Eagle Eye (which is pretty easy to follow but not that fantastic though), walked around at Times bookstore, then slacked at The Cathay.

Oh yea, while walking out of Times, I noticed 2 people looking at me from near the entrance. Then I realised it was Tiang Peng and his gf Dawn! Haha! Finally got to meet her. 🙂

Anyway, Huzz and I went to Chomp Chomp after that and had Hokkien Mee, Prawn, Stingray and Fried Carrot cake + I had sugarcane and he had Soursop drink. 😀 Yummy! The prawns were overpriced though =/

Then we went to AMK and then went home.


Chatted with Henry on MSN yesterday. He said he saw Mike at OCS coz he signed on Navy. Just yesterday afternoon, Huzz and I were discussing about Mike and wondering where he is now for NS. We got our answer I guess. haha.


Got to go to school in a bit! School on a Sunday! A first! I’ve never gone to school ever on a sunday!
Have to complete filming project by today. Argh! Let’s just get this over with…

At least after that, there’s someone to look forward to. 🙂

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2nd last BMT weekend.

Went out with the OPP housemates yesterday!

Watched Wall-E and had dinner at Outback Steakhouse which was excellent for me. Haha. Food was great, company was great and everyone had fun. 🙂

OMG, earthquake in Sichuan again!!!

Today, accompanied my sis to Comex where she got her HD. Haha. Finally yea? Haha. I thought that she would get one when she started school even though I’d given her a thumbdrive from last year’s erm Sitex? But coz of her course, I’d expected her to have used up more HD space. 🙂

Anyway, next week’s going to be kinda special. My mum and sis will be going to Genting from Thursday to Saturday. Hope that they’ll have fun!

Hansel also told me about the SNCO performance (he went yesterday like after so long. haha). Should be fun. I wonder who else is performing else it’ll be only me for my sect.

Got to go pack my stuff for tmr!

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