After school yesterday, waited for Mum to reach home. Then we went to Heartland Mall-Kovan‘s This Fashion to get my outfit for the SWE concert this Sunday. Black top and bottoms. My mum helped me choose 2 black tops. Kind of nice. Though one was tight. Guess I have to lose weight. But my methods of losing weight isn’t effective. I exercise daily with sit ups and weights (5kg, my dad’s haha) and the thing is, yes I lose fat, but i gain muscles, which is heavier than fat so my weight is almost the same. -_-“‘ lol. And clothes are definitely tighter with muscles than fat. haha. sian.

Anyway, manage to get one shirt and pants. Though, I have to say this, This Fashion’s salesperson are NOT helpful. You ask them if there is a bigger size, they don’t even look at it and say No. My mum asked if there are more clothes inside their store room they just said no, then ignore you. I’m not complaining about the fact that they don’t have a storeroom, but the way they treat their customers. Just ignore them? That’s not the way customer service works.

Today’s lectures are quite ok except for Geog. Made a few new friends during CT. Walked from SRJC to Hougang MRT after school with Eng Eng and Shin Yee to get my concession extended. Turns out that my concession is already extended and so is Shin Yee’s. Eng’s wasn’t so we accompanied her to the ticket office to get it extended. The officer at the office tried and then said that her card has a problem and gave her a slip of paper with a number to call to get it extended. I asked the woman if we have to get a new ez-link card after concession is expired. She said no need. It’ll automatically function like an adult card. I then helped Eng call up the number using the pay phone and the person said that she’ll check with the related department and get the person to call up Eng in a few days. Hope it works!

My mum didn’t allow me to go for the band camp coz she’s afraid that I might get too tired for the concert. Guess I’ll have to tell Mr Tey tomorrow. Wise decision anyway, though I might lose out on the fun. 🙁

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Too dependent?

Heck. Is this what JC life is going to be? If its so, I don’t think I want to be in here. Esp Band. So many things to do. Perhaps its coz I’ve got too many commitments outside of SRJC? Hm. I should reconsider stuff. Like what my best pal Vernon told me this morning, I should let go of HS band. Still, I am as confused. They’ll be playing Frenesi tomorrow. Will I let them down if I don’t perform with them? Or should I let them not take me for granted? Well, I’m going to have to talk to Safina and Hidana tomorrow. Honestly, I am NOT happy about this.

Went to school for band prac today. When I type school, I still mean HS unless I write “college”. HS is still my school no matter what and nothing shall change that. =X lol. Went through lots of songs today. Can’t Take my Eyes Off you, Frenesi, Made In Singapore, Home, Together, Ross Roy, Fate Of The Gods, Singapore Rhapsody, Queen’s Park Melody… Oh well. Played the drum set for quite a few songs and let Daniel play the rest since Perseus was absent today. Quite good to be able to play the drumset with the band. Something which I honestly have never been able to have the courage to do so before. I’d managed to play the drumset for full songs today! Quite an achievement for me. 😛 Considering the fact that I’m a mallet person. Some of the fill-ins were crappy. I should work on that. Daniel’s fill-ins were really great! He uses semi-quavers unlike my semi-quaver cum quaver fill ins (too much influence from Maroon 5 I think) I must learn from him.

So busy next week. Am going to the open houses for 2 of the polys next week. Then there’s SRJC’s band camp and SWE practices before the internal concert. Shucks.

Had a nap today. What a tiring week. Still haven’t really settled the alumni band thingy. Eve and I have to meet Mr Chia with Mr Lee to finalise the thing since Reuben is in Canada.

REUBEN, I hope you’re reading this. 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow, HS Symphonic band will be performing at Rivervale Plaza at about 9am. Supporters are welcome. 🙂

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Pissed off..

Ok. Was kind of pissed off yesterday. not by my dad no. But by the attitude of the receptionist and this staff at Innova JC. They were outright RUDE. No manners at all. That’s not strict but rude. If I could slap them, I would. There was this guy doing something at the counter of the General Office. So I said, “Excuse me”. He looked up and said,”What excuse me? GOOD AFTERNOON.” What the hell. He’s doing something. You mean I should just greet you when you are doing something and continue talking? Of course I should say excuse me and wait. Then there’s this other woman who gave an attitude when my friend asked for a visitor pass from her. Darn. She even told us to “Get out”.

The campfire there wasn’t bad. Though after an hour it became boring. Quite entertaining though. Campfire was better than SR. Made friends with this guy in Gen‘s group (Gen invited me there). Though I can’t remember his name. Haha. and this girl named Eve. Jaswandi (SP?) and George from SKSS was also there. They study there that is.

Going for another band concert later tonight. SWO, Dunman High and Yio Chu Kang Secondary combined concert. Again at VCH. Will be meeting a few people from my band, as well as Hansel and Chui Ling. Haha. 😀

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Went for band practice this morning. As usual, it started with sectionals. Instructor wasn’t in a good mood today. At least one person in each section got scolded.

Came back, ate lunch, rest, then went to Hougang Mall to return library books, and to get RCT3. Gosh. I have the 3D card as mentioned by the salesperson. I just don’t have some video card thing! Argh! Darn, I have to update my driver i guess. Just not today. No mood to do so.

The popular bookstore where I got the CD-ROM was crap! I’d queued there for about 10 minutes. Coz the computer at the cashier hung. Yet the cashier was talking rubbish. When this woman asked if there is another way to handle payment she said something like, “Give me a knife to kill myself and die”. What the hell?! Gosh, I’ll better start looking for options to update my drive. Else My Dad’ll kill me.

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Some people just ruined our school name with some rash actions. Honestly, it was really shocking to see your school being mentioned for something bad in the news. I might just ignore the news totally from now on. Haiz.. Haha ok I won’t but its just upsetting.

Those kids who did that were sec 1s. They just didn’t realise how hard and long we took to build up our school’s reputation so that many people would come here to study. They just ruined it by arguing with a taxi driver. Gosh. I can’t comment more. For those who watched the news last night and understand what I mean, good. For those who don’t, i don’t think i want to explain about it.

P talked to the whole school about it. I don’t feel that angry anymore.
(BTW I got a B4 for my CL. Not retaking)


Haha, the links to the articles about the NE web design competition which I participated with Simin and Vernon, here and here.

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Scolded a prefect whom I’m friends with in the morning (Ade mentioned her name in his blog. Go find out who). That prefect shouted at a bunch of us who were outside the hall. Told us not to stroll to the hall. EXCUSE ME? STROLL? She thinks she’s so smart? Then she should ba able to see that its those bunch of idiotic Sec 3s who were standing at the entrances to the hall and blocking us, which was why we were standing outside the hall. We were waiting for those idiots to move in! I shouted at her to ask those idiots to move in. Honsetly, I don’t care if I get into trouble for shouting at a prefect. They should be less impulsive.

Gosh. Assembly was horrible and cringable. The worst thing is that the teachers think that its US that is the problem. Not theirs. Honsetly, try squeezing 200 odd people in a small space which can fit only about 100 people and then blame them about it. The sec 3s were rather inconsiderate too, thinking that they’re the kings and queens of the school, taking up space with their bags and files. Darn them. 3 years have past and I still detest that same bunch of people.

Ok. So that was what happened on Monday. Had a whole week of band practices after school for preparation for this Friday’s National Day Celebrations/Parade in school. I’ll be playing the bass drum for the Parade. Its a very impportant role as everyone marching in/out and the band will be following your timing. My timing must be accurate. Which means I have to follow the instructor even closer. I won’t be playing the bass drum for the Speech Day parade though. Perseus will have to do that. HAHA

Saw the rehearsal for the HS Idol today. One of my classmate, Kim Guan will be performing. He was rather good at winning the hearts of the audience. Haha.. Shall not explain that. Go figure. M.O.A.B. wasn’t bad. Just that the drums sounded weird probably coz I’m not used to hearing a drum machine instead of a drum set. Sigh.. The instructor said that she wanted all the instruments of the percussion back in the band room so M.O.A.B had to resort to using that. Sorry guys.

Ok. Please donate to me through Pay Pal on the left. I’m going through a horrible crisis now. Dad will not have a job as of next week. Please help. 🙁

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Band camp? More like Boot camp!

I honestly don’t know what that woman’s problem is. She asked me to play loud. When I accidentally played soft for the Chimes, she didn’t say anything. But I didn’t want to spoil the song so I played loud. THEN she scolded me! What the hell?! She said in front of the whole combined band that I was worse than my junior. I’m not mad about this or jealous or anything. but the fact that why she suddenly took this Old OLd OLD song to play? Without any practice before hand? And I’d just played the chimes TODAY after a long time of not playing the chimes, for Lord Of The Dance. What does she expect?! Always vents her anger on us.

ALSO I heard someone in the band snitching on us percussionists to the percussion juniors! Darn that person. I know who you are.

the percussion and the Brasses had a practice with Mr Yap. Honestly, though he walked out of the band, he was a rather good instructor and conductor. No wonder many seniors would rather he teach.

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Ok. Today’s practice wasn’t that bad. We again got scolded, for going to school to practice. My gosh! You go to school for practice, instructor scolds. You don’t go, she scolds. What are we supposed to do? You tell me. We already told Mr Lee about it. But she was like, “Who’s the instructor?” My GOSH! She thinks she’s so great! Honestly, I don’t give a damn whether she finds out about what I type or not. Let her find out if its the best. Let her tell Mr Lee what she said. She also loves telling stories, trying to create rumours so that people will hate each other. Its the first time an adult I know behaves like that.

Hope my day won’t be that bad tomorrow. Comment at my tagboard thanks. I might feel better. 😛

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DARN! Worst practice I had since I joined the band. Why can’t they just listen and cooperate?! Playing when they’re not supposed to. Even the SL himself. Sitting down when he’s not supposed to. Tell me. Tell me what I’m supposed to do?!

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