Is that love?

I believe its a trend.

Having a boyfriend in HS is like a trend. Especially among the sec 1s. If such things happen in the sec 3s & 4s I understand. But they’re happening in the sec 1s & 2s. I’m not surprised but have you seen what they think about having a boyfriend? I just found a percussion junior’s blog. Shall not say who or link that person. But their thinking is kind of immature and sad. They carry this hope of finding the perfect guy in secondary school. A senior or someone their year. For someone (like me) who have spend 4 years in school without seniors or knowing older guys (until in SWE), I have never thought of getting a boyfriend until perhaps recently? But then again, its not just because I can tell others that I have a guy or something. I think its just a trend among them. They choose between a few people, decide that they like them, when those people have their own bf/gf, they give up and choose some other people.

What the hell. If only life was that easy. lol.

Wanted to do elearning today but lots of authorware to download just for a task to do. Haiz…

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Messed thoughts…

Sometimes I just don’t understand my dad at all. He thinks too much. And I really mean think – negative thoughts. An example. The other time when my com died coz I stupidly and accidentally clicked on an MSN virus sent by one of my contacts and told him about it, guess what he said, “I think your friend must have a friend who repairs computers. That person must have asked your friend to send the virus to you, spoil the com then get that person to repair it to earn money.”

What the heck.

I just couldn’t believe this thought at all. Today, he thought too much then said that if my sis and I didn’t want to take care of him and let him beg on the streets, he wouldn’t get angry with us.

WHAT THE ….? I just couldn’t believe someone would even THINK of that. I decided to shut up whenever he’s around. Sometimes, I just dont’ understand the world. So many stuff in my mind and people are angry or thinking of small stuff (and most likely MAGNIFYING them) when I have crap stuff to think about.

3 things in my head right now:

1. How to save money if I get to go for WMC
2.Should I get the laptop?
3. Stuff for the alumni site, how to complete it.


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A Short entry..

Those people are sure cruel. Laughing at Mr Ang at times when it isn’t funny. Sure he jokes during Maths Lectures, but still those people laugh at almost everything he does. Even the way he speaks. Hey, not everyone can pronouce words as clearly as you. Don’t laugh at others!

Ok. Today wasn’t bad until something happened. I insisted on doing otherwise when someone asked of my opinion but was ignored anyway. I admitted I’d laughed then, but it was coz of something else someone else did that i’d laughed. Haiz.. What can we do now?

Spent the past hour doing a web survey form for Econs project. Guess my skills came in handy today.

Went to MacRitchie’s Nature Trail yesterday. The one where you walk on a bridge suspended at 250m above the forest. Kind of cool but scary at the same time. The bridge kept shaking. Though I didn’t see much except for a nice view and trees. haha. The climb up to the bridge was kind of tiring. So high up. My legs are kind of aching now…

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Pre-birthday thoughts

Whoa, just 2 days to my birthday. It’s going to be cool turning 15. I’ll be getting my IC (identification card) after turning 15 (I’ve got to fill up forms and stuff first too). But being 15 doesn’t seem to be so big for me though. It’s just liek when you’re 9, you’d thought that being 13, you’ll have a really great life and stuff (eg a boyfriend, people would become more mature) but once you’re 13, you’ll realise that what you’d thought so when you’re 9, isn’t true.

It’s been a really boring Saturday morning. Many people I know are now in school for this Civil Defence course which starts from 8 am to 5pm so I can’t contact them. I’ve been doing homework and listening to some music and it seems like it’s going to rain…

Happy Birthday to Yan Shan!

Friday Five

1. If your life were a movie, what would the title be?
“The One Sucessful Girl”.

2. What songs would be on the soundtrack?
1.”What My Heart Wants To Say” by Gareth Gates
2.”Too Serious, Too Soon” by Gareth Gates
3.”Never Gonna Leave Your Side” by Daniel Bedingfield
4.”Walking In The Rain” by a1
5.”Tomorrow” by a1
6.”Tomorrow” by Avril Lavigne
7.”Pretty Boy” by M2M
8.”Help Me” by Nick Carter

and a lot more of my favourite songs…

3. Would it be a live-action film or animated? Why?
Live-action film. It has more… feelings in them than animated films.

4. Casting: who would play you, members of your family, friends, etc?
It’s pretty hard to make a choice who’d play me… Probably someone popular and Asian (since I’m an Asian)… Kristen Kruek perhaps? The rest I’m unsure. I’ll guess I’ll let the casting director make the decision! 🙂

5. Describe the movie preview/trailer.
Starts with me writing my journal, then scene changes into me with some other people trying to decide on something…

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