76th Day – Hearts!

Had Spicy Steamboat on Saturday night. This time, my throat handled it well though my stomach didn’t. I only found out about that the next day (Sunday) when I woke up with a bad stomachache. Found out that I’m not the only one.

Had lunch at this Hollywood Cafe where we went to many times. That restaurant serves Hong Kong food, which is quite similar to what we have in Singapore – Char Siew, Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken, fried rice, fried bee hoon, hor fun, etc. I ordered that they called “Singapore Fried Noodles” and it reminded me of the bee hoon we have in SG, except that it’s drier. They fried the bee hoon with egg, green and red capsicum, char siew and tumeric powder. I sort of guessed that they called it Singapore fried noodles coz of the tumeric? Indians usually fry rice or noodles with tumeric powder I think. So… it’s like a mixture of different food of different races I think.

Went to Mr Ling’s place with everyone except Yi Long, Henry and Edmund (they went to Wal-Mart). 3 of them played Mahjong and the rest of us played Cheat and then Hearts. I learnt Hearts! But it’s quite tiring as you really have to pay attention and focus on the game. But quite a fun game.

Starting to feel homesick recently. Maybe it’s because my family don’t call me as often as they used to? I dunno. Had 2 dreams of me already being back in SG.

Plus recent events really made me feel tired mentally, even though I don’t think about what’s going on. But I guess deep down in my subconscious mind, it’s eating me. Eating my energy up at night when I sleep. I just don’t feel like thinking about anything coz I feel tired. Hm.. Does it make sense? That your subconscious mind is using up your brain energy at night when you’re sleeping and by the day when you wake up, you only feel like slacking and doing mindless activities? haha.

One of the house mates was stopped from going out to explore alone yesterday and at that point of time made me miss the freedom I have in SG. I’m not saying that those who stopped him was wrong (I’m also one of them who stopped him), but just missed the freedom.

Ah… 49 days left. I’m missing home now, but I bet I’ll miss this place and the routine when I return to SG. Humans are quite ironic. 🙂

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