3rd day in SG (after 4 months in Chengdu)

Watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Huzz today. 🙂

Overall, I felt the movie was over dramatised. They cut out a lot of stuff but I’m glad that many of my favourite quotes were in there. Like the one where Hermione described Ron as having “emotions the size of a teaspoon”. David Yates wasn’t bad in directing this film. It captured some stuff perfectly. However, 2.5 hours is kind of squeezy for Book 5 eh?

4 months and Plaza Singapura changed so much! Level B2 changed a lot. I got quite blur when I first stepped in. Lol.

And Carrefour. It feels weird when you walk in and don’t see a lot of people around waiting to introduce products to you or people shopping around. 4 months ago, I wasn’t sure what brand of drinks or cup noodles were sold in SG. Now, I know what brands are available in Chengdu. Weird comparison, but yeah.

Found a few brands of cup noodles that I’d ate in Chengdu in Carrefour here. And walnut flavour of Monmilk!!! 😀 😀 Haha! Bought one big packet of it. Used to drink it over in Chengdu. Hope it tastes the same since it’s imported from China. 🙂

Ahh. I miss the stuff that happened in Chengdu.

4 months in a year, you can’t forget it just like that.

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