5 ways of thinking that I don’t like.

For some reason, I just thought of 2 points for this entry and decided to write this.

1. “Percussion is easy!”
I’ve heard this Sooooo many times and corrected people soooo many times that I just want to whack the face of anyone who says this.

If you are a percussionist and you say this, it’s okay.

It’s those who say “Oh I play the (insert name of instrument here) and I want to learn the percussion because it’s EASY!” people that I get annoyed with.

To consider yourself as a percussionist (not a timpanist, not a drummer, not a mallet player), you don’t only learn ONE instrument.

I know I’m anal like this and I think many people who knows me will always try not to say stuff like that as I can be touchy. But I just don’t like it when people think all we do is relax at the back of the band/orchestra and just act cool.

We play solos all the time and when we make a mistake, everyone knows.

I admit I’m not a master of all the instruments but yea.

It’s a percussionist pride I guess.

2. “You have a runny nose = You have flu”
Have you heard of the word “sinus”?

Enough said.

3. “Wow you seem to be so free eh? Doing so many activities during the weekends.”
I don’t understand how people can actually go by their weekends not doing something that isn’t school related. I know, I’m guilty of this back in secondary school when it was either school, or home. But now for me there’s band, orchestra, friends and Gakkai (sometimes). But well, orchestra and Gakkai are considered voluntary activities. I’m not paid for it. I want to do it. If I don’t want to do it, or am really not free to go for any of these, I’ll just not go. School is still placed first, but I have other aspects of my life as well.

I dislike it when some people actually think that I’m very free and comment or make passing remarks like that. I know that I’m not free and I know their logic, but look, I don’t comment about your life and what you do about it right? So don’t comment about mine.

4. Drink -> Red = DRUNK – NOT!
This is the reason why I don’t drink outside. Even though I am wayyy sober than others who look perfectly fine (other than the fact that they’re doing funny or weird stuff), people would ask me if I’m ok because I’m red after a few drinks. Gahh.

Anyway, I don’t believe that we shouldn’t drink outside, but we should know our limits and not drink until we are drunk.

5. “I don’t want to do this (insert name of activity/module/test) because it is difficult!”
This is a kind of thinking that I don’t really like. It’s kind of annoying sometimes, taking the easy way out. If you decide not to do it, then don’t do it, but don’t give a reason like “oh it is difficult!” or “Cannot lah too difficult!” I rather you don’t like it. It’s a weird way of mentality to me. There are always better reasons than the one reason that it is too difficult. =/

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  1. i’m sorry to know that those people who criticized u for being so free have no life at all. 😛 hey, don’t blame u for having an exciting and fulfilling life if they can’t have one themselves, eh? 😛

    n i know what u mean abt being red after drinking a bit of alco, cos i’m like that too! hurhur. it’s hard to get me drunk tho. i’m just red. not drunk.

    n ditto for runny nose. i get that every morn!
    .-= Daphne Maia´s last blog ..Domino’s Pizza: Why multiple choice surveys don’t work on the phone =-.

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