43rd Day.

Wow. Time flies. It’s amazing how already 43 days have passed since I came over here to Chengdu. It seems like yesterday when I was still at home packing for this trip, or when I was still deciding before the exams whether I should go for this or not. And now, here I am! I still can’t believe it really. And the many many wonderful things that happened over here. 😀

And as many might have already seen from my MSN nick today, I currently have a boyfriend. 🙂 A wonderful wonderful guy called Huzaen. I’d mentioned his name quite often around here so… yea. 😀

Honestly, it’s not that bad and scary living overseas. It’s the people back home that you miss more than the place. The daily routines have become part of my life. I’ll miss living with these 12 people when we’re back in SG. Which I don’t want to think about right now. >.<

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