26 nights of dinner.

This was originally a draft that was here since 8 August, 2007 4.14pm. I’d meant to complete this list and all, but didn’t really complete it. Wanted to clear the drafts, so here it is.

Here is the list of restaurants/eateries that the group of us (Henry, Twin Dragon, Edmund, Jia Hui, Hwa Swee and I) went to for our last 26 nights in Chengdu. πŸ™‚

26: Grandma’s Kitchen
25: Korean BBQ
24: Midya International Buffet
23: Ajisen
22: De Zhuang Ma La Hotpot
21: KFC (Great World Carrefour building)
20: Pizza Hut (Brilliance Tianfu Shopping Mall)
19: Hollywood Cafe
18: Quan Ji (Zi Jing West Road)
17: Macdonald’s (Ke Hua North Road)
16: Swensen’s (Chun Xi Road)
15: Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill
12: Subway
11: Hokkaido Restaurant
10: Hollywood Cafe
09: Dicos
08: Dui Mian
07: Si Ji Xiao Chu
06: Si Ji Xiao Chu
05: Peter’s
04: Beef Noodle Shop

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