2012 Review – Major events

2012 was a pretty good year for me! Focused on working on myself, and ended up spending a lot more money and having a lot of fun. Haha. Many things weren’t expected and planned, and I only had a general idea that this year must be an awesome year for me. I ended up with a lot more new experiences than I ever had in 2011.

Hope that 2013 will have more of such stuff!!

1) Travelled to Taiwan for the first time!
Elves Lab company trip! Read about it here.

2) Went on a cruise with my family!
First time on a cruise too! Royal Caribbean.

3) Rhapsody in Spring concert
With Mr Wu Ee Lung and his string ensemble! Made lots of friends.
Read about it here.

4) Played with a pop band at a competition!
Got the opportunity after Pinwen asked me. First time I’m actually the only drummer girl somewhere. Haha. Though we didn’t win, I got a great experience and also got to really see what the industry is like!

5) Got Midnight

6) Travelled to Hong Kong
With Desmond, Kai Lun, and her colleague KT.
Read about it here.

7) Travelled to Bangkok for Danny’s wedding
Got to shoot photos as well and experience a different photographer’s culture.
Read about my trip here!

8) Saw Evelyn Glennie LIVE!
Finally after so many years I got to see her live! Read about it here.

9) Helped take pictures for Danny’s wedding in Singapore
But I think I didn’t do well 🙁

10) Guest played with Xinmin Secondary Alumni at SIBF
First time guest played anywhere! And at a competition too!!

Read about it here.

11) Formed Crayon Parade
With Pinwen, Audrey, Eugene! Though I initially thought it was a one off thing (and was really sad about it), I think CP will come together when there’s opportunity to play. 🙂
Read about our first performance here!

12) Travelled to Bintan
Smaller company trip!

13) Travelled to Tokyo!
In the midst of blogging about it!

14) Eugene <3 🙂
Enough said!

I’m not sure what I really want this year except to be healthier. Maybe more swimming perhaps. Got sick too often too soon! >.< Aiming to also chant more!!!

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