12 awesome days at Hong Kong (22 May – 2 June 2011)

Let’s just say that cause and effect is the most interesting and amazing law that I have ever observed based on recent events.

It sounds quite cheesy, but if the major turning point didn’t happen, I probably wouldn’t have gone to Hong Kong with Audrey, Bi Neng and Tommy. I was rather upset then, and wanted to be alone myself somewhere and I thought HK would be a good escape for me to get my mind off things. Tricia suggested asking Audrey along, as it wouldn’t be safe for me wandering along the streets of HK alone. And I’m honestly glad I did! 🙂 Along the way with regards to the planning, Audrey’s bf Bi Neng joined us, and also her brother Tommy. To be perfectly honest, I had only met Bi Neng once before he agreed to join us in this trip, and I had never really talked to Tommy before. It was all exciting. 🙂 And if the turning point didn’t happen, I would have been the closed minded angry me, who because I was trapped in such unhappiness then, would be unable to open my life up to be happy to have more people around me.

I was pretty much in a direction of self-destruction before the turning point happened. Okay anyway, enough about it.

These 12 days I felt were the best 12 days I ever had in a really long time. It was only Audrey and I staying over at Tricia’s for the first 8 days (2 days in Macau too) and Tommy and Bi Neng joined us on the last 4 days of the trip.

I probably did a lot the most DMK for this trip (much more than the Chengdu trip) and even on the trip itself. Of course, having good company definitely helped and I really want to thank Audrey for accompanying me these 12 days, Tricia, for allowing us to stay at her place foc, Tommy for taking care of whatever that I didn’t notice and Bi Neng for joining us. 🙂

Even though we’ve been back for more than 1 month, I still can’t stop telling everyone how awesome this trip was and I am pretty glad that I am still really good friends with Audrey and Tommy!!

Going to put random pictures here and a few sentences here and there.

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